Nike+ Distance Inaccuracies

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Nike + iPod Sport KitWhen I first got my Nike+, it was pretty accurate (within 0.05 miles) compared to what the Google Pedometer said. Lately though, I had been having REAL troubles with inaccuracy. Runs that I knew the mileage for were reading less than half the distance they should have. The only thing that changed was how I attached the Nike+ pod. When I started, I used the Shoe Wallet, but later, I got the Marware Sensor+. Yesterday on my walk, I pulled out the Shoe Wallet to see if the mileage would go back to almost accurate. Guess what, it did.

Shoe Pocket for Walkers, Runners, Cyclists & Travelers That Easily Carry Cash, Id, Keys & Credit Cards While on the Go.I have NO idea why the Marware sensor holder doesn’t work as well as the Shoe Wallet, but sadly, that’s the case. I like the look of the Marware product so much better, but I want to actually USE my Nike+ and get fairly accurate readings. I don’t mind a little off, but a 50% difference is unacceptable. I’m back to wearing the big bulky Shoe Wallet on my running shoes, but that’s okay. There’s room for my house key and credit card…


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  1. shinypenny Says:

    Other people on the Nike forums have mentioned increased inaccuracy with the Marware pouch as well, so it’s not just you. You’ve probably checked these out already, but if not: Does the Marware hold the sensor face up when the pouch is closed and on your foot? Also, have you tried recalibrating the sensor on a high school track when it’s in the Marware? My Shoe Pocket was off by 10% until I calibrated on a track – now it’s only off by 1%. I wonder if the same effect would hold for the Marware.

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    Ironically, the Marware holds the sensor the same way it would sit in a Nike shoe. I stuff the sensor into the Shoe Wallet sideways and it works better. Go figure…

    I tried recalibrating when I had the Marware sensor holder, but it didn’t register enough to work with the calibration. It just kept telling me that I had not walked/run far enough and rejected the calibration. I didn’t have that trouble with the Shoe Wallet. Man, I walked about three miles trying to re-calibrate that thing…

    That’s when I got so frustrated that I decided to try the Shoe Wallet again. Now, it’s back to its almost accurate self.

  3. Adria Says:

    Noooo! I just got the Marware pocket, & recommended it to a friend who is a major runner. I’m going to be so embarassed.

  4. Mary Says:

    I know this is old, but perhaps the problem is that you didn’t calibrate it for the new pouch?

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