The New iPod Nano

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The new iPod Nano

If you have been thinking of buying an iPod Nano to exercise with, you’re in luck. Apple just remastered the Nano in rainbow colors!

I have been testing the Nike+iPod with a borrowed Nano for a couple of months now. I’ve been so happy with it, I have been considering buying one of my own. I’m so glad I waited because now I can get one in my favorite color.

The reason the iPod Nano is better for exercising than the Video iPod is because it is made with flash memory instead of a hard drive. The jarring action of running won’t damage the Nano like it would the Video iPod (or other hard drive MP3 players). Additionally, no matter how hard you run, it won’t skip. That’s why Apple created the Nike+ for the Nano only. They didn’t want to promote running with the other iPods.

Unlike the old Apple commercials, the new one doesn’t feature the white earbuds as prominently. It features the bright colors of the new Nanos. You can see it here:

Click here to see the video

Hey, I wonder if the ear buds come in Lime Green also…

Here are some articles explaining the Nike+iPod:

Stay tuned for another review of the Nike+iPod now that I’ve owned it for a couple of months.


7 Responses to “The New iPod Nano”

  1. shinypenny Says:

    Hi Laura – have you seen anything about whether this will work with the Nike+ attachment thingy that goes at the bottom of the Nano? The reason I ask is that Gizmodo says the bottom connector is a bit different on the new Nanos.

  2. Tim Says:

    If you’re looking for a workout nano and you want to save some cash, the older version is still very cool and just took a huge price drop everywhere. Apple has them in their refurb section of there website for 99 bucks. That’s $50 less than yesterday – with warranty.

    Go to store.apple.com and click on the red “save” shopping tag on the bottom right of the main page.

  3. Get Zapped Says:

    That’s a great tip. Thanks!

  4. Laura Moncur Says:


    I don’t know if it will work or not. I will keep my eye open and post something on Starling Fitness when I find out.

    Since the Nike+ is such a new product, I suspect that they will still work, but you never know.

    Thanks for keeping a close eye on things, Laura

  5. shinypenny Says:

    I suspect they’ll work too, but I’d like to be absolutely sure before I lay out the cash. I went ahead and posted a question about the compatibility issue in the Apple support forum for the 2G Nano. Hopefully someone who buys one and has a Nike+ kit will post back.

  6. Picture It: Says:

    iPod Nano, old or new, is a great exercising tool.

  7. Savannah Says:

    I’m just wondering if you have to get the Nike+ for any exercise additions, or if I buy the new nano will have something extra for workouts. It sounds to me like without Nike it’s just a nano with video.

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