Is Soy Really All That Good For You?

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Soy, like in tofu and soy sauce, has been a large element in the Asian diet for centuries, but soya, a soy-based additive hasn’t. Soy has been touted to alleviate diseases and provide healthy protein. You may not even realize which of your foods it has been added to, but is this the best thing? Felicity Lawrence investigates:

Remember, the closer food is to its natural state, the better. Soy beans (edamame) are an excellent source of protein. Soy added to your granola bar? That’s a little more questionable. Go for the fresh and natural version and you’ll eat healthier with less worries.

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3 Responses to “Is Soy Really All That Good For You?”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thanks for yet another thorough and informative post! I always thought “soy” and “soya” were the same thing, so thanks for clarifying that for me. The article makes me wonder what food I currently have in my cupboards has soya in it. Hmmm……

    Thanks, again.

  2. www.iportion.com Says:

    I don’t think a little soy is bad as long as your eating other protien sources but I’d talk to a doctor or dietion if you had breast canser or are pregnant

  3. Bridget Says:

    I believe soy is in the beholder; some can thrive on it others will suffer. In women, soy is definitely selective. Consult your doctor and your family history. I do understand that soy boasts of its healthful benefits, yet you need to listen to your bodies (women’s bodies) SOY IS NOT FOR EVERY WOMEN! Soy, if you are at all unaware, is an estrogen, and can feed tumors, in your uterus (fibroids). If you are beginning to add soy to your diet, more than your incidental, know your family and your own health history. If you are prone to fibroids, take care of you consumption, because it will enable the tumor to grow…larger than you may expect, which may result in a myomectomy or worse, a hysterctomy.

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