How to Use Nike+ on ANY Type of Shoe

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Shoe Pocket for Walkers, Runners, Cyclists & Travelers That Easily Carry Cash, Id, Keys & Credit Cards While on the Go.This handy little gadget solves the Nike+ problem. If you don’t want to spend 100 bucks on a pair of shoes that might hurt your feet on long runs, you have another option: The Shoe Pocket.

For ten bucks, you can use this velcro shoe wallet to hold the Nike+ sensor with room to spare for a house key, identification and a credit card. Suddenly, the Nike+ iPod trainer looks like something I’d be willing to spend my hard earned money on.

Since the Nike+ sensor is an accelerometer, not a pressure sensor, it should work in the Shoe Pocket. Other people have tried it and say it works great. I’ve ordered both and I’ll give you my full review after I’ve had some time to play with them.

Idea Via: Use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit on any shoe with help from a Nike accessory – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)


2 Responses to “How to Use Nike+ on ANY Type of Shoe”

  1. shinypenny Says:

    Velcro works too.

  2. Marta Wiechowska Says:

    I’ve been using a shoe pocket for the last year or so and I’ve been very happy with it. It definitely felt odd to begin with … as if I’d got something stuck to my shoe, like a piece of paper or something … but it quickly felt perfectly natural.

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