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The Aquaclip Water Bottle HolderI received an email from the makers of the Aquaclip asking if I would like to review them on my website. They sent me some Aquaclips for evaluation and I was excited to receive them in the mail.

When they came, I vowed to try the Aquaclip for an entire day, carrying my water around with me everywhere I went. That lasted for less than ten minutes. I walked out to the car, tried to sit down and the Aquaclip got in the way of my seatbelt, so off it went. I clipped it to my purse and that’s where it stayed until I got home and abandoned it on the counter. It stayed clipped to my purse pretty well, but not nearly as well as just throwing the bottle in the purse.

I guess the problem is, I’m not a “tucker.” I don’t tuck my shirts into my pants, so I really don’t have an exposed waistband or belt to hold an Aquaclip easily. It feels weird if I pull my shirt over the bottle and just as weird to have it pulled around it. Having water at my waist was uncomfortable for me, so the Aquaclip isn’t my thing.

I was worried that the Aquaclip would get in the way of drinking from the bottle, but it doesn’t. It works wonderfully as far as that is concerned. I was also worried that the bottle would jiggle around or fall off, but it didn’t fall off my waist or my purse the entire time I used it. It worked exactly how it is supposed to work, I just don’t want water on my waist.

Mike, however, really liked the Aquaclip. He’s not a “tucker” either, but he didn’t mind having his t-shirt pulled aside. He used the Aquaclip while running on the treadmill and he said it worked beautifully for him. He also found three places on the treadmill where he could hang his water bottle using the Aquaclip. He immediately took it outside to see if it would work in the car for a drink holder.

The Aquaclip didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. It is well-designed and it works for its intended purpose. If you’d like one, they are only three dollars and can be purchased here:

Aquaclip water bottle holder – hands free beverage bottle carrier


5 Responses to “The Aquaclip”

  1. Picture It Says:

    My cell phone is clipped to my waist, my iPod is clipped to my waist, and my ID is clipped to my waist. By the time I finish clipping everything to my waist before jogging, I am showing a little more of my lower stomach than I planned from the weight of everything…….Have a great Holiday.

  2. Charlie Weiss Says:

    Why do you need a bottle of water at your side all day long? I’m a 48 year old amateur bodybuilder and have done great for the last 28 years just having bottled water in my locker and taking a break every now and then, or when running having a drink before and a drink after my run. Sounds like a gimic to me.

  3. alicia Says:

    For those that work outside all day long and need both hands to do their job–would find his Aquaclip a wonderful tool. I used to run around doing early morning stocking at the Container Store and everyone wanted one of the aquaclips-we had to tuck in our shirts and the clip was so easy to use. For folks that fly alot–having your waterbottle attached to the Aquaclip makes your bottle slide into the seat tray or attaches to the seat pocket so you don’t have to have it roll around the floor. AND for those with sensitive food allergies-you can slide the clip on the back of stadium seating so your bottle doesn’t touch the peanuts on the floor….For those who walk alot-the Aquaclip makes holding a water bottle very easy-you can even attach the clip to your lawn mower as you mow the lawn– I love mine and have sold them at our local RELAY FOR LIFE walk in the summer. Everyone wanted to know where to get them. I personally love having my water bottle attached and it’s not because it’s a gimic-it’s because it is quite useful.


  4. Susan Bolton Says:

    Having had gastric-bypass surgery two years ago my need for having water always available for me is a primary concern. I walk at least 4 miles everyday and taking my water with me was a problem. I was using an elastic wrapped around the bottle and then my wrist which was uncomfortable to say the least. I was so excited to see the Aquaclip and try it out. It is my favorite gadget and I have several so as to not have to be always looking for one. I usually wear it in my waistband or hooked on a pocket but I can also just carry it in my hand since I take frequent sips. Picking a bottle up from a nearby surface with the Aquaclip is also easier than with out it. I like to freeze a bit of water in the bottom of a bottle and then fill it on up with water to keep it chilled. This of course, was rather cold to just carry in my hand so the Aquaclip also solved that problem. Several of my friends have had me order them one. Thanks for the great and very useful product.

  5. Hector Lopez Says:

    These are great for travelers. I used one traveling all over Mexico, China, and Egypt, and it works like a charm. If you can’t trust the water out of the tap, and are carrying a backpack (or need both hands free so you don’t appear like a target for would-be tourist muggers), this little product is what you need.

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