Interesting Ads for The Fitness Company

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They don’t promise that you’ll be thinner, just a vague threat that the rest of the world will be…

The Fitness Company

You can see all the ads here:

The Fitness Company is based in Germany. They’re clever advertisements, but I don’t appreciate the sentiment that the rest of the world will suddenly change to the Size Zero Mentality.


2 Responses to “Interesting Ads for The Fitness Company”

  1. vh Says:

    Even at my maintenance weight those ads though slick kind of give me the creeps. It has an almost Claustrophobic feel to it.

  2. Picture It Says:

    Clever advertisements……yes. But the rest of the world changing to a size zero? Will never happen, too much money ready to be made by diet companies on US trying to get there. They make it, we buy it. They promise it, we believe it.

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