How NOT To Deal With Plumbing Problems

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Heather Armstrong, Dooce, has given us a precise example of how NOT to deal with plumbing problems.

She created this concoction with the sympathy cookies that were brought to her since she has been dealing with a blockage in her sewer lines.

How NOT To Deal With Plumbing Problems by Heather Armstrong 04-21-06

I remember when we had very similar problems in the house that we currently live. I wrote this entry, Raw Sewage, during that time. That’s how I dealt with the situation without overeating. I have found that writing has been the only thing to keep me from dealing with problems with food.


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  1. VH Melville Says:

    I dealt with a lot of problems on it might have tasted good and given me some glimmer of comfort but in the end I still had the problems.

  2. Christy Says:

    I think Heather’s remarks, as always, were intended with tongue firmly planted in cheek. 😉

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