Life Takes Determination

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Gluttony Takes Determination?

I wondered what was going through the heads at Visa’s advertising firm when I saw this commercial. When I linked to this site, there was a great ad about what life takes.

When I clicked on Life Takes Determination, however, I was shocked by what I saw.

Does gluttony take determination?I saw a 15 second commercial devoted to gluttony. If Visa thinks that THIS is determination, they have NEVER fought with weight loss. What were they thinking?

When I think of the last four years and how hard I have worked to lose and maintain a healthy weight, I want to scream at the fool who thought wolfing down a huge hamburger takes determination. Determination is eating healthy, even when people are shoving food in your face. Determination has NOTHING to do with inhaling a four-pound hamburger.


8 Responses to “Life Takes Determination”

  1. Rebecca Myers Says:

    I just discovered your blog and think it is wonderful. After a serious illness I decided I had better start taking care of myself and getting healthy. Your blog inspires me.

    I totally agree with you about the advertisement. It doesn’t take determination to stuff a huge hanburger in your mouth but it does take determination to pass on the burger and go for something healthy. A healthy lifestyle after years of an unhealthy life style is not easy but with the right kind of determination it is possible. Thanks1

  2. Laura Says:

    I agree with you 100%… I think that commercial is gross, for more than one reason. First of all, I am a vegetarian, but secondly, I am the body type that can gain a pound just watching commercials like that… Unless it is your goal to die a slow death due to heart disease and constricted arteries, I don’t think your life is calling for that particular brand of determination..

  3. You Can Do It ! Says:

    I too work hard at keeping my weight off but I didn’t see what you all saw. I even cheered the guy on and laughed. Sometimes you have to laugh and not take everything so serious and not always relate it to weight lost. I guess as I am writing this, I am finding out that I am able to think about other things instead of mostly weight lost which is where I would like to be one day…….To think about life, love, joy, peace, and alittle about being able to keep my weight stable. I wish this for all of us.

  4. Gary Says:

    Have you ever eaten a burger that weighs as much as a newborn child? If you haven’t then you can’t say it doesn’t take determination, because it does.

    I’m not saying that losing weight is easy… but for christ sake, that doesn’t mean everything else is.

  5. Laura Moncur Says:

    Actually, because of my bingeing problems, I HAVE eaten that much food. Quite frankly, it wasn’t difficult at all. It was a desperate attempt to stuff down my emotions so I didn’t need to feel them.

    Eating a lot of food does NOT take determination. It’s a sign of an eating disorder and I don’t appreciate Visa’s cavalier attitude toward it.

  6. Gary Says:

    There’s a difference between eating a ton of food because you have a disorder.

    And eating a ton of food because you’re out with friends and it’s fun.

    Just because some people are addicted to eating a ton of food, doesn’t mean everyone is. Alcohol is advertised, and people are alcoholics… does that mean that alcohol ads should be banned? No, it just means if you don’t like it stay away from it!

    If it really pisess you off that much, then go get a MasterCard or something.

  7. Curtis Says:

    To be exact, determiation would be “The act of making or arriving at a decision.” It’s you whiney people who don’t seem to understand that although you don’t have to like it, it’s still a valid point. Just because you don’t like the picture of a man eating an (at least 6) pound burger, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Determination can be anything you put your mind to. Be it you’re incredibly fat and you have to be determined to shed half a metric ton. Or be it no ammount of eating will bother you, and you are determined to eat a lot, for the hell of it. Both of those things would take great determination, as fat as you probably were, I would love to see you scarf down a 6 pound burger for the hell of it, it would probably still take determination. All i’m really saying is that just because it doesn’t go well with you, doesn’t mean you can forsake it and say it holds no relevance with what the commercial was trying to say. Because you’re wrong if you think that.

  8. Laura Moncur Says:

    Bingeing is NOT a sport.

    It bugs me that companies like Nathan’s Hot Dogs and other small restaurants are trying to make it one.

    A free meal and a t-shirt does NOT take the same discipline and training a 5K race. Anyone who tries to tell you it does is selling you something… probably a six-pound hamburger.


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