Kellogg Is 100 Years Old

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Old Kellog AdKellogg cereal company has been in business for 100 years.

The Kellogg brothers were trying to find a healthier bread for their patients at the Sanatorium, but instead created a multi-billion dollar cereal industry. Some of the cereals they create are so full of sugar that it’s hard to recognize the health aspects of grains, but the discerning customer can find healthy cereals even today.

All-Bran is one of their best cereals for healthy eating because it includes 40% of the recommended daily fiber and is very low in sugar. Tony the Tiger and Frosted FlakesI also enjoy Frosted Mini-Wheats, even though it’s not quite as healthy with 25% of the daily fiber and substantially more sugar. Of course, I love Raisin Bran.

I grew up eating Kellogg’s cereals and I used to wish that Tony the Tiger would show up in my life and make the mean kids stop making fun of me. Tony never showed up, no matter how many bowls of Frosted Flakes I ate. Out of all the cartoon cereal mascots on television, it was only Tony the Tiger that I wished would show up in my life. I’m still waiting for Tony the Tiger, even though I’ve learned how to deal with the mean kids all by myself.


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