Ramadan Starts Tomorrow

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For those of you of the Islamic Faith, Ramadan starts tomorrow. Traditional practice includes fasting during the hours between dawn and sunset. Sexual activity during those hours is also refrained from. Smoking is restricted for the duration of the observance. There are two meals a day, Suhur, which is a meal before daybreak and Iftar, the meal eaten as soon after sunset as possible. In essence the fast sacrifices one meal a day.

You don’t need to be Islam to follow the practice of Ramadan. You don’t need read the entire Qur’an during the month in order to devote yourself to healthier living. If you are anxious about the upcoming holidays of overindulgence, here is another practice that urges you to live a better life. Choose which practices you feel you wish to follow until November 3rd, when Ramadan ends. By then, you may have found a new healthy habit that can stay with you all year.

Beliefnet.com – Ramadan Primer


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