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The Biggest LoserIn the fiction book, Thinner Than Thou, there are television shows and secret fat porn shops where the starving masses can look at fat people. Jumbo Jigglers is like a strip club where fat people undress for the dieting and exercising minions. I always am shocked when I realize that reality has gotten one step closer to the horrible fiction that was portrayed in Thinner Than Thou.

I have just read a synopsis of an episode of The Biggest Loser (TVgasm – Biggest Loser: The Bigger They Are…). In this episode, the victims (excuse me, contestants) are tortured with a choice. They are left in a room with their favorite treats and a letter from their estranged family members. If they eat the treats, they get to read the letter. None of the contestants eat the food. None of them are allowed to read their letters. This is supposed to teach them to deal with treats in the “real world.”


This show is about torture. This show tortures the victims without teaching them any valuable lessons. I can see the symbolism of the letters and the food. Sometimes we all are in situations where we need to politely tell loved ones that we love them, even though we’re not going to eat the rugula today. Instead of giving these people lessons to be assertive with their loved ones, they torture them and make them choose between health and family. Real life isn’t like that. Never once have I been locked in a room with my favorite food and a letter that is withheld unless I eat.

Watch out! Do you know who the primary sponsor of this television show is? 24 Hour Fitness. I’m ashamed to have a membership if these are the methods that they approve. Remember, there are companies everywhere that are trying to profit from your insecurities. Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require magic powders, expensive books or health club memberships.


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