SLIMist: Follow the diet plan and smell the real thing instead

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This product makes a lot of promises. Just by smelling yummy smells, you can lose weight. You get your choice of banana, green apple or peppermint. Here are links to the home page and their research study.

Their website includes a diet plan (simplistic, but workable) and an exercise program (a good starting point). If you follow the diet and exercise plan, then you will lose weight. You don’t need the smelly stuff. The reason why people have lost weight is because of the eating restrictions and exercise regimen, not the smelly stuff.

Plus, if you want to smell bananas, green apples or peppermint, go ahead and smell them. If they really make you lose weight, the real thing should work much better than the fake stuff they sell.

Via: Diet Blog – SLIMist: Lose Weight By Inhaling a Spray


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