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Bodybugg This product says that it can predict your calorie expenditure with 92% accuracy. It uses sensors that measure motion, skin temperature, skin resistivity and ambient temperature. It communicates with software on your PC to calculate your calorie expenditure.

I have two problems with this gadget. The first is the price. The unit is $500 and it requires an ongoing subscription to the Bodybugg web service. I don’t know if it’s worth that much money to get 92% accuracy when I can get pretty close just by keeping track of my physical activity. Their own abstracts state the following:

[Physical activity records] can provide a great deal of detail on the types of physical activities engaged in along with the individual’s pattern of participation (Leenders, 2001, Weston 1997).

Their only problem with this method of calculating calorie expenditure is the time it takes to collect the data:

While these measurement tools are quite inexpensive, there is a significant cost disadvantage in that many are manpower intensive requiring personnel to gather and analyze the data generated. In the case of computer logs, participants must have a computer and be computer literate.

This Bodybugg sensor only works with a computer (a very expensive web-based computer system that requires an ongoing fee), so the Bodybugg doesn’t solve that problem.

The second problem that I have with this system is that all the abstracts and studies that were done on this program were with an armband system that worked in conjunction with a heart rate monitor. The Bodybugg doesn’t have any heart rate monitoring capabilities, so it doesn’t really have a proven accuracy rate of 92%. The mechanism that they tested is different than the one that they are selling.

In the end, a piece of paper where you write down what exercise you did all day is almost as good and over $500 cheaper.

Via: Hautegear – Wearable weight manager

Update 09-26-07: The television show, The Biggest Loser, features this product. All of the contestants are wearing them on their arms. Still seems more expensive than a heart rate monitor and a pad of paper.


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  1. Korey Says:

    Thank you for reviewing this product. I am looking into products that may improve the accuracy of the measuring/motivating/nutrition/weight loss process for clients. Would anyone recommend other products such as the BodyGem by healthetech?

    Thank you

  2. L. Butler Says:

    FYI – I have used this product pre-bodybugg thru Roche Diagnostic Corporation and found it extremely useful in monitoring my caloric expenditure. The drawbacks included not having a PC to upload the data each day. It is not Mac compatible, it was a pain in the ass. Also, once you uploaded the data to the Roche website you could calculate your food intake, but it wasn’t user friendly. Navigating the site to find the foods eaten, the amounts, and then getting your caloric intake totals was cumbersome. It would have been nice to have upgraded the data base of prepared and unprepared foods and simplify this process.

    I believe Apex or Boybugg has improved upon it. Obviously, if you are computer savy and up on calculating food calories you probably will find it easier. I plan on using the bodybugg this coming month to see how it has improved, will let you know if anyone is interested.

    Pre bodybugg I paid $380 for one at Roche Diagnostic and months later they informed me I would be refunded the money and that I wouldn’t able to use the old health wear wt. management product. Apparently, Apex had entered into an exclusive agreement with Roche. So they are now charging $500 you say, will that’s capitalism for yeah.

    By the way, anyone know of any other product that can honestly do what bodybugg does. Let me know!

  3. Jon Says:

    If anyone would like a bodybugg you can get one at http://www.simplyfitnutrition.com

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I have a BodyBugg, and have had it for almost a year. I love it, and highly recommend it. We have to find what works for us…and this works for me. I was quickly down 30 pounds, then maintained for several months thanks to the BodyBugg, and now back at the loss again…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Best of weight loss luck to you all!

  5. Laurie Says:

    I started using the BodyBugg system 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. I find it very user friendly and find it extremely helpful in tracking and maintaining a consistent calorie deficit. Downloading the armband data is a breeze via USB or wireless transmiter (both included). My trainer monitors my progress so that is another accountability layer. It spits out all sorts of useful information and when you get off track a little, it give suggestions to get back on track. I give it a big thumbs up! Laurie

  6. Lavelle Says:

    Thanks for the information. So 24 Hour Fitness is pushing the gadget, and the cost is $399 for the unit and a 3 month subscription. Does anyone know how much additional months cost? If someone used it and had enough (reach their goal – hopefully) can you buy it used and get a month to month subscription?

  7. maria Says:

    I just found out about this gadget last week. My workout place is having informational classes on it this month. This is not 24 Hour Fitness, so they are NOT the only location selling them. At least not anymore.

  8. kristin Says:

    i bought a bodybugg and set it up for use starting 2 days ago. already i have encountered significant problems. i am already quite disappointed with it, especially since it costs $500. we’ll see…

  9. Kathy Says:

    I have NEVER been able to lose weight and using the BODY BUGG I have!!! My trainer at 24 told me to double the portion size of everything I ate and since then I keep on losing a little each week. It’s hard at first to write down or enter in everything you eat but after that first 5 lbs IT BECOME EASY!!! Have patience it took me almost a month to lose the first bit of weight/ Good luck.

  10. Paralee Says:

    I am looking for a bodybugg.. Does anyone know where I can find one in northern california? Is everyone still satisfied?

  11. April Says:

    You can get it at http://www.bodybugg.com, they will ship it to you. I’ve been using t for 1 week and I’m donw 4.5lbs. It’s very easy to use. You never know just how seditary you are until you start using this little device.

    Happy Weight LOSS!!!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I just got one the other day. Note that you can get it for a reduced price at the gym (24 hour fitness) if you buy it with a training session package. Normally $249 with training. I got it after they gave a seminar and it cost $199 when I bought it with 10-session training.

  13. Soloman Says:

    I’m glad to see you are all for the most part enjoying your bodybugg. I am a fitness manager w/ 24 hour and have seen numorous clients achieve amazing results with the body bugg. I use the device myself as well and even being in the industry for 6 years I have never felt healthier in my life. Body Bugg is the easiest way I have ever found to manage your weight. If anyone has questions feel free to e-mail me at solomanmadron@yahoo.com and will be more than happy to help you out. Be fit!!

  14. T Morgan Says:

    I have heard that the Body Bugg works really great, but honestly, I am a little concerned with the idea of wearing the device 24/7. I have never seen the device in person, but it seems like it would be very distracting to wear plus I have to dress professionally for work. Is the device bulky and hard to cover with regular clothes?

  15. S Johnson Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the 24/7 thing. I am on my third week and forget it is there. I am down about 7 pounds and have lost 3% body fat. It is user friendly after you get used to the web site and I find it to be extremely accurate.

  16. Keith Blaze Says:

    Not sure what “Laura” is talking about… Think she has her information a little messed up. First of all Ms. Laura… if it was that easy to write all of this info down on as you say a simple sheet of paper, then Office Depot should be sold out of paper and there should be no fat people anywhere!!! You keep referring to the 92% accuracy… Please name me anything else that is easily administered and affordable that has a better rating than 92% and please do not think about bringing up anything having to do with a heart rate monitor. Second, if you will look a little farther into the research, the heart rate in and of itself did not change the accuracy of the product at all!!!!!!! As a matter of fact since you are so “price conscience” what they determined is the heart rate in and of itself added minimal accuracy to the armband so rather than adding something that would cause the armband to be more expensive without making the product better, they removed that feature. And another thing… you being the all knowing person that you are would have to know that anything you do for example exercise, you become more efficient, so therefore burn fewer and fewer calories. Thus explaining how you have fat people doing cardio day after day year after year and never changing. Everything works then everything stops working… Adaptation, ever heard of that? So if I follow your program of the “magic paper” and write my workouts down, how will the average consumer adjust for this adaptation??? Hhhhhmmmm… And keep in mind… this device is designed for that person who does not truly understand that weight management is a 24 hr. 7 day per week energy in vs. energy out game!!! Unless you have an easy way of tracking this which for most will NOT be a blank sheet of paper, they will never truly understand the relationship between how much they move vs. how much they eat… bodybugg is in YOUR face. Oh, last thing… you may want to check the success rate of bodybugg clients. The most recent info available reflect an almost 80% success rate of people reaching their goal and still maintaining that goal one year later. Now in all of your infinite wisdom, can you name me any personal trainer, weight loss program, pill or any other tool which has this success rate???? (Including weight loss surgeries) By the way… The University of Hawaii is currently doing a research study on the bodybugg’s success rate which you will find very interesting once published in late 07 or early 08.

  17. Patti Hinrichs Says:

    Interesting! My daughter tried a Bodybugg and had severe bruising. Has ahyone elseencountered this problem. The bruising took a long time to go away !

  18. Hannah Says:

    For those long-time users, what are some of the common technical issues (with the device) you’ve encountered, and does anyone know what the warranty is on this? I’m considering buying one, but caveat emptor, you know? I’ve seen how the program integrates with the computer log and see the value in it. I’ve been a subscriber to MyFoodDiary.Com and gained a lot of value from it, but I was often frustrated at the lack of accuracy in the data (because I didn’t fully trust that I actually burned 500+ calories in my last cardio workout as the machine indicated). So I’m excited about this but considering the newness of this device, I’d like to know what technical bugs are common, what kind of “user support” I can expect, how strong the warranty is, etc. Thanks all!

  19. shenr1 Says:

    I used a bodybugg for 3 months. I thought it was interesting. Not cumbersome to wear, & you only wear it when you are awake, not 24/7. The apex food log was a bit tough to use, not a huge library of food compared to say ishape or myfooddiary. But in the end, it’s really what you already know, you need to exercise more & eat less, and the body bugg doesn’t do that for you…. you still have to do the work. Anyone interested in buying one should check ebay. There are always a few for sale.

  20. Bob Says:

    I have been using the Bodybugg for four weeks. I am 47 and diets will not work for me. Wearing the armband with my suit and tie is no problem. This is a great product if you really want to make a change in the way you live your life. After the first three weeks, I added up the deficit of calories which implied a 4.5 pound loss. My actual loss was about 6 pounds. The key is to accurately record your food and I have tried to over estimate the food just to keep me honest. This product is a constant reminder to avoid the bad habits of drinking soda and eating junk food. Recording the food is pretty easy and again is a simply in your face reminder of my truth about food. I have my trainer review the food and activity. If you want to continue to lie to yourself, this product is not for you. Seeing the calorie burn and the graphic representation inspires me to be more active. This is not a diet program; rather, it is support for a life style change. It helped me to stop the excuses. I paid $250 for three months and it is well worth it.

  21. BenYo Says:

    What is possible with the bodybugg if one does not utilize the subscription?

  22. ? Says:

    I just got a body bugg and I think I am going to return it due to some of the negative input I get with this bugg.(of course the trainer gives me good input but most people on this web site say some scare stuff) I payed $263.02 and now have 20 sessions with a trainer. Is that a good deal?

  23. Rick Says:

    I am trying to understand how a heart rate monitor wouldn’t work as well for measuring caloric expenditure. Does anyone have any information or advice for me on this? Thanks.

  24. Matt Says:

    I’ve been using the bodybugg for several weeks and it’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time in regarding to losing weight and keeping it off.

    To be successful at losing weight and keeping it off you are going to have to invest both time and money, so for people who use the price as a negative, $399 gets you about 4 training sessions with a trainer and that’s it. After that you’re on our own again.

    Having the bodybugg is almost like having someone constantly there to motivate you and keep you going in the right direction. If you wear it as you should, it know how much you exercised and moved on a daily basis, you can’t lie to it like you would another person.

    Accountability is one of the biggest problems people face on a weight/fitness problem and this product can go a long way in helping people stay moving and focused. I highly recommend it.

  25. Karl Says:

    So, if you buy one of the used ones on Ebay, can you still sink it up to an account on the apex website, get the software updates, etc., as long as you pay for the subscription?

  26. kas Says:

    If you buy it on ebay you will not save money, you won’t get the 1 year warranty with it either. If you buy it at bodybugg.com / it won’t cost more than if you get it on ebay and it will have the script with it. I noticed on ebay they are about 200.00 then you need the script and if it is damaged when you get it your are out the money. You can get the bodybugg for about 200 + 99.00 for the script and it has a warranty.

  27. Karen Says:

    As of 9/5/07, Nu Skin enterprises sells this device in a package called “My Victory!” In the package you get the GoWear Fit Armband, 4 months subscription to the website, 1 month supply of AC complex and AC Shake. The AC complex and AC Shake help control appetite, supports energy levels while dieting, and has a TrueDose guarantee that you’ll get 100% of a clinically-effective dose. Included in the monthly subscription, is a community where you can join or start a group, upload pictures, journal, along with food tracking with over 18,000 foods already provided (these do include fast foods), and reports you can generate from the information you upload from the GoWear fit armband. The website is very user friendly, The package is $600 if you sign up for a 4 month automatic delivery of the AC Shake and AC complex for $200 per month. Also soon to be released will be a display that you can wear as a watch that will give you real time information from your GoWear fit armband without having to use the website. If you want more information contact me at kswolfley@comcast.net

  28. Bill Says:

    How many of the commenters here (especially the “contact me for info” ones) are paid affiliates?

  29. Laura Moncur Says:

    I would guess that anyone who wants you to contact them for more info will try to sell you a Bodybugg.

    Looks like all the competitors on The Biggest Loser are wearing Bodybuggs. I wonder how much the Bodybugg marketing team paid for that.

  30. Elizabeth Thompson Says:

    24-Hour fitness is a major sponsor of TBL. I’m sure it’s part of their promotional contract. Funny how nobody has talked about them yet…maybe that’s coming up in a later episode.

  31. rosemarie Says:

    Actually, I TIVO all the TBL episodes and on the latest one Kim dose talk about the Bodybugg and shows Amy her results on the computer and shows two of hthe girls how they are not active enough when she is not there. The Bodybugg helps her to see what they are doing when Kim goes home. It is just mentioned briefly twice by name but I had been wondering what they were all wearing and had nver heard of the device before I saw it on the show. Used to have a SPortbrain years ago and loved it till the company went defunct. Thinking of getting the Bodybugg now- have another 70 pounds to lose…

  32. Mare Says:

    I work for 24 hour fitness and actually you can buy the bodybugg for $300. Yes it is still expensive but if you want something for motivation, the bodybugg gives you hope in that area. A lot of people that I see come through our doors want to loose weight, 30+ lbs and the ones with the bodybuggs come in and work their butts off, the ones that don’t I rarely see. I have one myself and I love how I get rough calculations of how much I consume and how much I burn. The program does more than this also, it gives you example of what to eat through out the day by what you like to eat and not things you hate to eat. It also lets you update your body measurements to see how your workouts are going. Basically it’s like your own personal trainer. If you’re really serious about losing weight you can get this for the price of a memebership if you wish to not get a membership. As of 9/25 I have been using my bodybugg, it’s addictive. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to lose 30+ lbs or anyone that just wants to continue being healthy and keeping track of want you eat and burn all day long. It’s more accurate than just writing it down, that’s not very accurate since most people will forget to do that all day long. What’s great about the bodybugg, you can go all day and update what you eat online from any computer, and then when you get home, sync the bodybugg with the wireless adaptor and the world is perfect!

  33. Meagan Says:

    I currently have a Body Bugg (i have previously gone through a course on it and to sell it) and I absolutely love it… I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to reach a goal and has hit some speed bumps along the way. I wanted to let all of you know that 24hour Fitness is having a sale on the Body Bugg until October 10th & it is $50 off its normal price (which would make it $299, and if you are a Personal Training client of 24hour then it is $199), which is a great deal! Best of luck to all of you out there! My boyfriend is a Fitness Manager at 24hour in Northern California, so if you are interested I can point you in the right direction.. Fitness4Fun03@gmail.com

  34. John Says:

    I’ve struggled with weight for all of my adult life. After briefly gaining 20 pounds (making me about 40 pounds overweight), then losing those 20 pounds over the course of a year, I still needed to lose 15 more pounds but I couldn’t drop my weight any further. Being an “early adopter”, I heard about the BodyBugg on a gadget blog and I started wearing one in November 2005. I can’t say enough good things about this product. It makes you very accountable for what you put in your mouth, and it accurately tracks all your exercise during the day so you feel like that effort “counts” for something (for example, parking far away from the store, taking stairs, adding in spin classes, you get to watch your calorie expenditures spike on those days, feels good, which means you can eat more that day too…). I consider myself pretty savvy with weight (heck I lost 20 pounds on my own), but this device made me look at food in a whole different way. After 2 months I barely lost any weight, but my phone visits with my BodyBugg consultant were encouraging, just needed to break some habits. Then when I finally got everything under control and started bringing my food to work for lunch etc. I lost about a pound a week (1/2 pound per week would have been ideal) for 15 weeks and met my goal. Got off the program in April 2006, gained 10 pounds back because my habits weren’t really ingrained yet, strapped the Bugg back on and quickly lost the 10 pounds, have since lost another 5 pounds on my own since I now have good eating habits down pat and have maintained my weight loss through today, October 8, 2007. I plan to try to lose another 5 on my own, but if this doesn’t happen by January 2008, I’ll be strapping on my Body Bugg again. Anyone who NEEDS to lose weight for health or aesthetic reasons and who turns their back on the BodyBugg for cost reasons – is really foolish in my opinion. You can’t put a price on feeling and looking great.

  35. Gus Says:

    I just purchased bodybugg at 24H Fitness at the discount for having personal training. I failed to look at the System requirements and see that it is not supported on the Mac. Has anyone successfully used it on an Intel Mac running Windows on Parallels? The apex site mentions this but I have tried it with Vista on Parallels but have had no success in uploading my caloric expenditure. Looks like the bugg may be on its way back to the gym to stay unless I have a breakthrough.

  36. SP Says:

    I wonder how many people with a propensity toward obsessive food/exercise behaviors and/or eating disorders this will further damage? I think the concept is interesting albeit a bit dangerous to rely on – fat loss and fitness is NOT simply a matter of calories in/calories out. Wish it were so…

    I also think that the makers of this product is in the middle of a huge marketing campaign – 24 Hour Fitness, TBL, Hungry Girl, affiliates posting glowing reviews – someone’s doing their job. They’ll sell a lot of these – at $500 (and $100 per year for their service). The gadget hounds will love this, the purists will likely take a pass.

  37. kas Says:

    guess where the bodybugg support is moving to…. it isn’t the US.

  38. Richard Says:

    I am considering buying a bodybugg. I have hit a platuea and am having trouble getting those last pounds off. I want to know if you can use the device without subscribing to their website. I dont want to spend the money to maintain a monthly subsription.

  39. Robert Says:

    I was on a platuea when I got my BodyBugg. So far I’m very pleased with the results I’m getting. The new ditigal display device makes it SO MUCH easier. You just wear it as a watch and it sync’s up with the Bugg automatically so you can just glance at your wrist and find out how many calories you’ve burned today so far. That way you don’t have to keep sync’ing with a computer all day. Now I just sync with the computer once in the morning and once at night.

  40. Craig Says:

    By simply keeping track of your heart rate throught the workout you cannot accurately determine your calorie expendurature. period. there are too many factors to just determine it off of one. calories are meansurements of heat, so the bugg finds that out by the heat that leaves your body. sure, it would be more accurate if heartrate was involved. but who would want to wear a heart rate monitor every day? also the bugg helps you to find out how many calories you burn from day to day. if you find out how much your burning, all you have to do is consume 20% less calories than what you burn and there is no possible way you will not succeed. more accurate than pedometers and heart rate monitors. so why not?

  41. Cali Says:

    I have been using the body bugg for 4 weeks now. I am down 3.5 inches in my waist and I have dropped 4% body fat. I am more aware of my physical activity and my caloric intake. I am extremely satisfied and look forward to more results and my cute bikinis this summer. GO BODY BUGG!!!

  42. Melanie Says:

    I am very interested in buying this product, but there are a few holding me back. I’m obviously concerned out the price. I mean you have to admit that 3 or 4 HUNDRED dollars is alot of money to spend on something that may not work for me. Plus the ongoing subscription cost that everyone keeps bringing up, just another scam probably. How much is it a month anyway? Plus, certain questions that people ask are never answered and yet the ones that have positive feedback are. For example, if you can buy a used one and still be able to buy a subscription, or the whole “bruising” problem, or how easily it can be hidden behind clothing. And now the wrist watch is out also, does this also require the subscription monthly fee? Lastly, how often a day do you have to hook up to the computer and what happens if you miss a day and wear the bugg for 2 or 3 days before hooking it up? Like i said, I am not in any way trying to say it is a bad product, I just want to know everything I can before I make a decision to spend so much money on something I know so little about. Thanks 🙂

  43. Charisse Says:

    I’m very good at keeping track of my calorie intake on a daily basis (have been doing it since I was 15), so I can figure my deficit/surplus on my own if I have an accurate number for the calories I’ve burned for the day.

    My question is if I buy the BodyBugg do I need a computer (and monthly subscription) to calculate the calories burned, or is that displayed on the device itself?


  44. Laura Moncur Says:


    You need a computer. There is no screen on the BodyBugg itself.

    Since you are so good at keeping track of your intake, a simple heart rate monitor might be a less expensive alternative for you. Wear it around all day for a few days and that would give you an idea of how many calories you’re burning.

    Best, Laura Moncur

  45. Charisse Says:


    Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate the information.


  46. Nancy Says:

    I had lost 60 lbs. through a medically supervised weight management program. A personal trainer at 24-hour Fitness recommended the BodyBugg to me, and the device helped me to lose the remaining 40 lbs. necessary to reach my goal. Using the BodyBugg with the digital display allowed me to monitor my progress throughout the day and taught me how to balance calories consumed with exercise. I swear by this device, and I don’t work for anyone associated with the product. Any weight loss program requires serious commitment and a lifestyle change. The BodyBugg got me where I need to be, and I will continue to use and recommend it to anyone who will listen.

  47. john Says:

    I just bought the body bugg and LOVE IT….I have used heart rate monitors before and here are the probs w/ heart rate monitors..

    the ones I used NEVER kept track this accuratley or easily

    and you had to keep track of your heart rate through out the day…

    I got the body bug from a 24 hour fitness (that owns bodybugg), I got it on a steal of a thanx giving deal for 150 bucks new w/ the 3 month website…

    my review…

    I also thought 350 was alot of money to spend and only did finally buy it when I got it for 150…YET if you really need to lose weight…whats more important your health or a few hundred bucks…I think the body bugg is the easiest thing to use and is a constant reminder to watch what you eat and work out…its like a lil trainer on you…

    the website which some people have complained about having to pay for….IS AWESOME…the site is worth every penny…..EASY to enter what you ate…plus when you download (which is easy and wireless) to from the bugg to the computer …it gives a an all day read out of what you ate compared to the cals burnt…and its fun you can litterly see in your cal tracker when you did things like run an errand or what not ….because the cals burnt raises

  48. Scott Says:

    Has anyone ever attempted to get their insurance to pay for a bodybugg as a part of a weight management program?

  49. Jeff Says:

    Insurance companies are not presently paying for this device. Eventually major forward thinking companies will see the the value this self-monitoring devices hold. I bought the Bodybugg and love it. I also bought the EatSmart Nutrition Scale which is also a self-monitoring device to help and educate you about the foods you eat. I think Apex and 24hr fitness are doing a great job with coaching sessions and are well worth the expense. Companies like results and when employees show HR they can say medical costs through self monitoring and coaching, they may open their wallets to these devices.

  50. Shaun Says:

    I’ve had the body bugg for a little while now and find that it really works…..if you use it!!! I’m pleased with the ease of use and the ability to add foods to the log which are not listed. It’s nice to have a product that takes the guess work out of counting calories. My only draw backs are that after the 3 months I had to pay $100 more for a 1 year subscription which I think is way too high and you have to replace the AAA battery often. Other than that like I said if you wear it and log your foods you will lose weight.

  51. D Says:

    Body Bugg subscription pricing info: This is from the Body Bugg website here: http://my.apexfitness.com/vip/help_bodybugg.php

    What happens when my initial 3 month subscription expires? In order to access the data collected by the bodybugg armband, you must have an active subscription. There are several renewal options available:

    * Month to month recurring ($14.95)
    * 1 month ($29.95)
    * 3 months ($39.95)
    * 12 months ($99.95)
  52. KD Says:

    You know guys, you may want to reconsider spending all that money on a device that doesn’t do anything you can’t do for yourself. As far as uploading your caloric intake, there are several websites that offer fitness journals that will calculate this stuff for you, and they already have most food items listed so all you have to do is select them. FitnessJournal.com is one site, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as the Bodybugg. And its far more accurate.

    In response to Keith Blaze: Dude, you sound like you work for 24. I happen to be a member myself, and I know for a fact that they peddle a bunch of stuff that is all hype, like their supplements for example. There isn’t any research anywhere that shows this stuff actually works. And as for the research you mentioned, I’m guessing its from 24 or someone they paid. The success rate of the clients using the BB is NOT due to the BB, it’s due to the fact that they are tracking their meals online and can see what they are eating. Makes all the difference in the world! Adaptation you said?? You STILL have to adapt workouts, even with the BB. Again, the device isn’t doing anything that a good CHEAP online fitness journal couldn’t do.

    The device itself doesn’t do a thing as far as projecting your caloric expenditure. The information you enter into the website about the meals you consume and any exercises is what’s used to calculate your expenditures. The device itself is just a reminder… sorta like tying a string around your finger. ANYTHING works if you actually use it!!

    Keep your money, just use an online journal that will handle the calculations for you.

  53. Shaun Says:

    Another thing the video about the body bugg on the Apex website almost makes it sound like the body bugg automatically collects calories consumed and used…….watch it and tell me what you all think!!!!

  54. Jodi Says:

    I also am confused. On the website it looks as though you do not need to log you food? Is this correct???


  55. Tim Says:

    I noticed nobody put the calculations on here for heart rate and calories etc so here they are. This will save you $269 for bodybugg and $100 yearly renewal lol. Karvonen Heart Rate Formula–> 220 – AGE – Resting Heart Rate = Heart Rate Reserve. HRR x Intensity + RHR = Target Heart Rate. Intensity chart–> low 45-55%,fair 55-65%, good 65-75%, excellent 75-85%. Now for the formula the bodybugg gives you on paper is this–> Resting metabolic rate + Thermic effect of food + Physical activity = Total energy output in calories. Here is the math. Metabolic rate = 1(men)0.9(women) x kg weight x 24(hours in a day). (To find your weight in kg divide it by 2.2) Thermic effect of food = total calories eaten in 24hrs x 10%. Physical activity = metabolic rate x activity level percentage. Sedentary 20%, very light 30%, moderate 40%, heavy 50%. Now add R.M.R., T.E.F., and activity for Total energy output in Calories. Subtract that number from your total calories eaten in a day to see if you will gain or loose weight. 3,500 calories = 1 pound.

  56. Holly Says:

    I’ve had my 3 months now and have been consistently losing on track with my BB plan. I agree that you ‘could’ track all of this for much cheaper on paper. But for me, it is worth the initial investment and the monthly fee. It takes the guess work out, and it’s fun to track where you’re at throughout the day. In the evening I enjoy downloading my calories burned after my workout to see how I did, then I know how many calories I GET to have for dinner. Sometimes I even have enough left at the end of the day for a glass of wine or dessert. Managing the calories you GET to have is much more motivating than diets that tell you what you CANNOT have.

  57. Marla Says:

    How is the Body Bugg more accurate than the Polar Heart Rate monitor? I used the Polar to measure calories burned while also using a web site to measure calorie intake… due to external circumstances (Hypothyroidism, etc)I did not really lose weight. Maybe exercising too much and my body doesnt handle it… not sure. Even after burning 600-800 calories a day, sometimes working out twice a day and obsessed with my eating, 1200-1500 calories a day. Can someone explain how skin temp effects it?

  58. pfat330 Says:

    How do you get the body bugg started after buying it from ebay?

  59. Nicole Says:

    I’m so excited!!! I’m purchasing my bodybugg tonight & cannot wait! I currently use a Polar HHM, but I really don’t think it’s accurate. No matter what exercise I’m doing I always burn the same amount which is 100 calorie’s every 10 minutes. I just don’t see how running on the tradmill or walking can burn the same amount. I’m excited to use the bodybugg because I know it will keep me aware of what I’m putting into my body & will keep me moving more!

    I was very happy to see such positive reviews on here, it helped me into making my decision. I will be getting the arm band and the watch for just over $300, they are having a sale at my 24 hour fitness! My trainer said it’s worth it!!!

  60. M E Says:

    Im sure a bodybugg can help people by making them consious about what they eat, but the first and most important step in any weight loss program shuld be what you eat and how you eat it. Even the very same diet could have two different outcome if you are not focussing on how you take in your meals. I would suggest anyone on a diet to try eating the very same food but instead of eating 3 or 4 meals, try eating 6-7 or even 8 very small meals. You should feel less hunger(because there is always SOME food in your system) and you should burn more calories(because your body is designed to stop burning calories when you dont take in calories, put in a simple way). Also, a diet of vegetables, meat from non-fatty animals/parts of animals, and a minimal intake of rice/potatoes/bread will help u a lot. Vegetables take longer to consume and will keep your body in a better balance. Now the 500 bucks I would personally spend on a personal trainer instead, this would make your program complete.

  61. aliina Says:

    Skin temperature is relevant because calories are a measurement of heat energy.. like joules. Measuring the temp of your skin tells how many calories are being burned to produce that heat.

  62. Pat Says:

    For those who have had success w/ the BB, how cumbersome is it to remember what you eat by the end of the day when you finally have access to a computer? Do you still write down everything including the stealthy hard-to calculate snacks on paper, then input it in the computer? Is that part really labor intensive? I think that would be the biggest challenge. If you don’t log the calories in, will it still tell you how many calories are burned in a given day?

    How many women wear the BB to work with short sleeves? Is that an issue?

    In response to Keith Blaze’s comments posted last year(#16), it doesn’t matter how fit or healthy you are or become w/ the BB…if you respond in such a negative and defensive way about a topic as innocuous as this, you may just become a thinner unhappy “jerk”. There is no need to respond with such anger and sarcasm for posts that are meant to be positive & informative. Being healthy on the outside doesn’t help if you’re not on the inside. That really “bugged” me as I read it, but I have moved on and can only send him compassion.

    Good luck everyone and have a great day.

  63. Rebecca Says:

    Pat – It is not difficult to remember what I ate. If I’m at work I log into the the website at lunch if I have time and do some entry then. The bb remembers your frequent foods in a quick list.. so that makes the entry go more quickly. I am able to wear the bb to work with both long and short sleeves in a professional environment. It has not been an issue.

  64. misspeggy7 Says:

    just bought it today at my gym. I am about 20 pounds away from my goal weight. I have tried everything. I know I’m going to have to give up wine at least on weeknights. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  65. JEANETTE Says:

    Obviously, there are way more positive responses on this website than negative. And, I have done a lot of research on other websites…overall, there are wayyy more good reviews of the bodybugg than negative ones. My bodybugg is suppose to arrive tomorrow and I am sooo excited since I have been waiting for what seems like forever. I will bookmark this page and let you all know who I agree with 🙂 and answer any questions anyone might have.

  66. Chantal Says:

    I finally broke down and got a body bugg today, after 3 months on a plateau and an eventual INCREASE in weight of about 5 lbs! I found it pretty easy to set up. Yes, their food dairy is not very complete; however, I’ve been using another diary program for years that I don’t have to pay a subscription for. I have, over the years, built up my database quite a bit with foods and recipies, so I just look my stuff up on there and enter it into my online log for body bugg. One thing I do like about body bugg is that it is online. My other software was stand alone only…so I had to sit at the end of the day and try to remember what I had through the day (or write it down, and was always forgetting my note pad at work). I do have a copy of the software installed on my computer at work, and was able to sync up my food database (just can’t sync up the diary), so I can enter throughout the day as I eat.

    Also, as others have pointed out, you can’t simply note your activities and how much time you spent on them as an accurate measure of how many calories you burn. The more weight you carry, the more energy is expended in physical activity. The less you weigh, the less you burn. That is why extremely overweight people see such amazing initial results (yes, I do watch TBL)…the energy it takes my body to walk for 30 minutes at a moderate pace may be double for someone twice my weight. This is measured in heat expenditure, and this the body bugg detects. As also pointed out (and is true), the more you do an activity, you body adapts, which is why the trainers at 24 hour fitness will tell you that you have to keep changing it up. Your body becomes more efficient, and you have to push yourself harder. The body bugg will help you determine when you need to do this (i.e., instead of walking a pace of 2.0 mph, may be time to increase to 2.3 or 2.5).

    I am so looking forward to seeing what results this thing spits out for me! Having a better idea of what I actually burn will help me determine if I’m eating too much or not eating enough (as not eating enough will also slow your metabolism). I can experiment, and see some numbers on the screen to tell me if I’m really making the right choices. If I’m not eating enough, I should start seeing my expenditures as I slowly increase my intake.

    Bottom line…weight loss is not as simply as using a pen, paper, and recording your heart-rate to journal your every move. If it were, I would not be in the situation I am in, and would have already met my weight loss goals. Everyone’s body is different, and the body bugg is a tool to help you find your differences and work around them to find success!

  67. Bella Says:

    I just bought a bodybugg from ebay – The lady I bought it from lost 65lbs in 6 months. I paid 150 for it and then bought the online subscription from apex. It was pretty easy to set up. I’ve always wanted one, but the price was just crazy. I’ve had it since Wednesday and I’m addicted to syncing it and I’ve notice I have to move way more at work now – it’s no wonder I’m a fatty. I have to get the little watch to go with it since I can’t sync on my work computer. I hope to lose at least 15lbs by Christmas. I need to lose more, but baby steps… If this works I’ll get another for my husband – he’s using me as a gunea pig.

  68. Alex Says:

    For the most part the reviews on here seem pretty positive. Most of the negative ones I’ve read seem to be coming from ppl who are too lazy to track anything. I mean c’mon. Asking if it’s very time consuming to write down & remember your calories every day? If you are at all interested in getting fit, losing weight, whatever, you’ll do whatever it takes. I dnt knw you tell me. Is it very time consuming to work my tail off at the gym for hours a day? Well then since it is, I better cancel my membership right away! Please.

    To lose weight, get healthy, etc. there is going to have to be SOME ownership here. You have to log your calories that’s just part of the plan. BTW- I’ve logged my calories for over a year on thedailyplate.com with little to no results. I don’t work out enough, I’ll admit it. I think the bodybugg is an excellent device to keep one on track with their program. And if it’s working for you, great! Keep up the great work. If it’s not, or you’re just a cronic complainer or nit picker then hey, ya know, not everything is going to work for everybody..c’est la vie

  69. Jennifer Says:

    What is the difference btw bodybugg and gowear fit ( besides the fact that gowear is a bit cheaper). It looks like one of the main developers for the algorithms worked on both products.

    It looks like gowear will also track your sleep. I am still trying to figure out if I will need to enter what I ate into either system. However, the bb video implies that I won’t need to and the system will update based on the way my body reacts??

    I need to lose weight, and am willing to invest, but want to make sure I invest in the right product.

  70. Jean Stokes Says:

    I am trying to return my body bugg. I have used it for a week or two and I am highly suspicious. After a three hour and ten minute bike ride averaging 14 mph, the body bugg told me that I have expended 200 total calories. The counselor explained it “doesn’t really work on cycling and some other stufg” I dont’ trust it anymore.

  71. Sarah Says:

    Jennifer, I have been looking at both the BodyBugg and GoWear Fit as well and am wondering the same thinsg as you. I really want to buy one of these products but am having a hard time deciding which one to get.

    Have you made your decision yet?

  72. Michelle Says:

    Sarah and Jennifer I recently bought the GoWear Fit and from what I have researched the GoWear Fit doesn’t really track calories eaten and doesn’t have a database with the online subscription to track calories eaten. I purchased the GoWear Fit because it was cheaper and because I have been tracking my food intake for almost a year now and have a pretty good idea with how much I am taking in. I just have no idea how many I am expending which the GoWear fit does. Plus it does track sleep patterns which I was very interested in as I have been having trouble sleeping and feel tired a lot. So I thought this might be a good way to determine if my sleep habits are really off or not with the added bonus of tracking my calories. I have not received it yet as I just ordered it monday but I will come back with an update once I have used it.

  73. Foxxy Says:


    I think the important thing to remember when using GoWear fit or bodybugg is that it isn’t a matter of one instance of cycling for a few hours, its the hours and hours each week of all the activity you do that adds up. Its the TDEE value that gives you the critical knowledge of if you are burning enough to match your intake. While it may not hit a particular thing spot on, overall, the 90%+ accuracy will give you critical knowledge to control your lifestyle.

    The sleep in GoWear fit can be huge for those that want to look at that information and GoWear fit has a nutritional assessment with a food database, it just doesn’t require daily logging, instead its based on food assessments that give you a average consumption.

  74. Glenn_in_MA Says:

    Foxxy, I would think that if you cycle 100 to 200 miles per week like many of us do, then “not working on cycling” would significantly matter

  75. M Says:

    Honestly guys, this looks like a rip-off. 24 Hour Fitness is pushing the myapex site which has a nice enough interface but it’s crippleware basically if you don’t buy into the BodyBugg aspect of this. So in other words the 90-day trial offer for the system that your trainer suggests is designed to continue the subscription fees and the product fees and to have you as a market for the many products pitched to you.

    The unit is presumably $200-$500 and includes what appears to be a teaser subscription on the software. The ongoing subscription to upload your data and use the software is $15/month or $100/year.

    Honestly there are many websites on the Internet and I’m sure that somebody has done a good job of this. I myself created an Excel spreadsheet that reasonably does the calorie-counting tracking and it functions nearly the same as the website.

    For the $15/month cost I’d expect there to be a calorie-input application for my cellphone or PDA in addition to just allowing me to upload data from the BodyBugg.

    I’d recommend a “pass” on this one.

  76. Christine Says:

    I bought my device from Gowear and have had nothing but problems. I am unable to sync the device (I am on Vista, and it is just not connecting). I have tried several times to get support, and cannot get in touch with anybody at the company. I was told that I rep would call me at 10:15, and it is over 3 hours later with no call back. Very poor service and support.

  77. BOB H. Says:

    In the research I have done the difference between the Bodybugg and GOWEARFIT is that the GoWEARFIT takes about 3 days of calorie consumption foods that you input and uses it for an average. The Bodybugg has you input your daily food consumption which would be more trouble but a lot more acurrate.

  78. Jenn T Says:

    I love my Bodybugg; It’s like a dashboard for my bod. Now I KNOW what’s going on. I have a lot of fun with it: I have the digital display, and I set the ‘trip’ before I work out with my trainer, and we get a kick out of seeing which workouts burn what calories. Additionally, I’ll log on throughout the day at work to log my food, and watch the ‘surplus’ build; then, when I get home, I upload my armband data and ZAP! I DESTROY that Surplus and it is now a DEFICIT! (Take THAT! – Just like playing a video game or something.) It’s very motivating too. Where before, I might’ve taken a nap on Saturday afternoon, now, I just cannot stand to see a ‘flatline’ for that long on my chart. So I do something else. Clean, walk, play Dance Dance Revolution with my 11-year-old, anything. It’s really motivating. Soooo, if you are one of the ones who believe it won’t do you any good, it probably won’t. Look elsewhere. But I’m getting a huge kick outta mine.

  79. Markus Says:

    Rolling eyes at some of these obvious professional plugs. Could the owner of this site please post the ip’s next to each post?

    I agree with KD, why spend this much money on something you could do yourself? Even as a diabetic, all I really care about is acturate intake amounts of calories, carbs, protein, etc..

    When I’m being true to myself and following a real workout regiment I see results in the mirror and on the scale. When I’m not, I don’t. That simple really.

    But people like gadgets. However, there is no cost to Apex once the device and software go out their door other than R&D work for upgrading their device and software. If they were to only charge for the next upgrade of software, I would be more inclined to buy one of their systems.

    I wonder if I could find any interested souls over at freshmeat.org….

  80. Missy Says:

    I’ve been using the Bodybugg for roughly 6 weeks (I am on a 12 week program). I have lost 13 pounds so far and for me, it has been pretty easy. I am a fairly active person but it has helped me become much more aware of what I eat and how MUCH I eat. I am so happy with it. It tells you in black and white how you are doing and even if it’s only a little machine, it’s still something I have to be accountable to. It’s much better than simply writing down what you eat; for me it is total body monitoring. Even if my calories are under my daily limit, the fact that it breaks down your food for you (fat, protein, carbs) is very helpful. If I’ve had a fatty lunch or fatty snack, I then know to structure my dinner or late snack to make up the lost protein or carbs in my diet. I go to the gym more often, too, it’s almost like it makes me want to work out more. And you get to see that even walking or light exercise really makes a difference. I can’t say enough good things about the Bodybugg–it’s made me feel in control, athletic, and confident again. And I am not affiliated with the company or with any gym, this is my own personal use and experience.

  81. Rebecca Says:

    I have been on the Bodybugg program for 6 weeks now. I have lost more weight in this 6 weeks than I have in the previous 4 months. I do belong to 24 Hour Fitness, I have a trainer who I train with twice a week for 1 hour sessions and I workout 4 additional days on my own and rest one day a week. This device is great. I’ve dieted and worked out for years and always bounced back and forth in my weight and fitness. Well, I got tired of it. So, I joined a gym, got a trainer who introduced me to the Bodybugg and I have lost 60 lbs., can out lift and press more weight than any other female in the gym and I feel fabulous!!!! My Bodybugg cost me $199 plus training.

  82. Stanley Says:

    I need to know if there are any specal charges if I purchase the GoWear fit armband from ebay (used product) ?

  83. Lets be honest Says:

    The reason you love your body bugg the first 3 or 6 weeks is the same reason why people love puppies, new stereos, new computers, etc.

    it’s new! It’s exciting! I’m totally not gonna get bored doing it!!

    Hate to say this, but: false. If people can’t realize that you need to adjust calories in calories out WITHOUT a bodybugg, bodybugg can’t suddenly give you the knowledge you need to fix it.

    Plus, bodybugg can’t even be that accurate, if some people are saying that it doesn’t work during cycling or other physical activities!

    Count calories you eat! There are FREE websites for this. There are PAYING websites that are MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE. Exercise! There are calorie counters on so many gym machines, and really all you need is a roundabout number! If you know that overall you have a DEFICIT (whether or not that deficit is 100% accurate from day to day) You will LOSE weight.

    Get a gym membership and a calorie counting website. Strap an ipod to your arm.

    Don’t pay $500 dollars to feel like you’re “doing something” about it. Just do something!

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