Anorexia: The New Diet Plan?

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This is a very informative blog entry about the media’s constant attention on famous people and calling them anorexic. It makes one wonder if anorexia is the new diet fad.

Skipping meals itself is not enough to be considered anorexic. It is, however, very detrimental to any dieting efforts you may be working on. This entry explains it perfectly.


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  1. daniella Says:

    being anorexic does not make you look better and healthier, instead it makes you weaker and makes you look less attractive. being a healthy size can still allow you to have a gorgeous body. you feel healthier and more active and still look great. in fact those who have a beautiful body are those who have a healthy weight- anorexia is dangerous and sometimes scares people of getting near you. so go on be heakthy and active and still look great. if you feel great and comfortable with your body then your body is beautiful. ita all baout what how you view your body. anorexia is not a good thing!!!! its bad and can kill you. so be healthy and beauthiful!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ella Says:

    listen to me i have alot of rfriends who r anorexia they look weird and scary and they r always judged by thier apperance. yea anorexia makes you skinny and all but to skinny way to skinny. so its ok be beautiful!! that something all girls need to be and no one can take your beauty away from you i am 17 yrs old and i was anorexia i look back on all these picutres i look like a half dead person i was weak tired PALE SCARY and most of all i had all the parents talkin bout how bad i looked yea not goo 4 my reputation. so be beautiful be strong and EAT!!

  3. soph Says:

    heya well i also use to be anorexic listen girls you dont have to be super skinny to be beutiful i use to think i was fat but if i could turn back time i would, i nearly DIED i was but on a life support machine and also had to be fed though a tube this is not normal i got down to 3 stone thats 36lbs that just aint normal, i promise you girl if you stave yourself it dosnt solve any problemz it make you look and feel much worse ! This is my advice excercise 3 times a day bfore meals for 30mins eat healthy and on a sunday have a treat day!!! i know way 7st ,98lbs i still have a long way to go but am gettin there!

  4. Ginger Says:

    Having been anorexic.. It is amazing how most of my friends were high achievers .. Good grades, social.. But Anorexia was our secret. We all dieted from size 4 to size 0.. When we saw that a few clothing stores carried 00 That is what we aimed for… The article with the models that died shocked us in to admitting we had a problem .. We kept busy to avoid food eating only 25 grapes a day and 10 glasses of water…In the eyes of the world we were successes.. But in all honesty we have to take 1 year out before we attend our IVY league colleges.. If we dont I fear the 3 of us will die

  5. Charlie Says:

    i really want to be skinny, i HATE myself and no-one understands. All my friends dont understand and 1 in particular says dont be so stupid your not fat but m family especially my mum dad and brother tell me im too fat and i need to lose weight and i have tried to make myself sick but i get scared and cant do it and i cant crash diet becaue my mum and dad would find out and then would be nasty about that, their not very supprtive if you havent already guessed. i dont know what to do all i want is too be skinny!!!Does anyone have any tips???

  6. Oblivious Wonder Says:

    I really want to be skinny too. I HATE MYSELF. The way I look. The way people look at me. I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing people say, “You’re not fat.” The reality hurts worst when you know they’re lying straight to your face. I’ve starved myself. 4 days straight…and with no luck. I just want to start losing weight. I don’t eat sweets anymore. And I exercise at least 3-4 times a week. What can I do? Please help me. I cannot take anymore of this.

  7. chelsey Says:

    im reading all this stuff that u girls are writing and im sadned because i know that im like you girls trying soooo much to lose as much wieght as posible. I hate it to being the fat one in the group. being called fatty. No one i mean NO one in my fam or friends no what im going through yea somtimes i say that im fat round them but not anymore they think it was a stage that i was going through. I guess that i just wanted to hear them say that i wasnt. It got so bad that i was carving myself. I stoped but have just recently started again. No ones nos that iv been abusing myself like i have. I really want to lose wieght so badly it hurts i mean i dont want to die being fat or knowen as the fat girl of the group…can some one give me tips i want to the skinny girl…im so over being fat!

  8. kaycie Says:

    well im someone who has done it all.from starving and over exercising to purging,laxitives,diuretics,and over eating ATON! its not fun! ive gained over 50 pounds from it.i am currently and emotional over eater and i cant make it stop! i want to be skinny again.i try and try and try but nothing seems to work.i try to get back on my old habits as an anorexic but cant stay with them.my advice to anyone who i wanting to lose weight is to experiment.you’ll find out what works best for you and you’ll be able to stay with it much longer.i know what its like to be the fat one and it REALLY hurts.there’s so much more underneath all the fat and blub that i really want to show.if anyone is interested in doing a support group im totally up for it.im starting my plan on sunday if anyone wants to join.just know that only you can make it happen.nothing of what anyone else can tell you can change that.

  9. Eileen Says:

    How do you know if you are are too skinny or ok?

  10. aurora Says:

    i hate being fat i do not recomend anybody starving themselves how ever much appealing it seems i am going on holiday and all seems at lost being as fat as i am the rest of the world does not seem to understand the depressive state anybody can go into being over weight. it is a problem because i hate my self at the moment. i hate being young..unable to plan things myself and otherwise being told what to do by my parents. nothing is my choice as i am obligated to do things at a certain time. i can not wait to grow up and be able to make my own choices do what i want to do when i want. everybody needs time to do things people need time to do these things to feel good about themselves but when we are forced to go places in a short time which leaves me in a state of conflict with my body it really does hurt it hurts that they can not read the signs. to be anybody else.. but stay in the same mind set eh?

  11. laneta Says:

    I loose weight and than i put it on and so on. It is annoying I am at a good weight now but i am still loosing the weight, how do i know if i am anorexic or not? Because i do not eat for 2 days than binge on the third, and it happens all the time. please help me i am sick of it, i just want to be a healthy skinny, not all skin and bones.

  12. Susannah Says:

    I have just overcome anorexia/bulimia and i am stacking on the pounds, can you help me to become a healthy weight but not to look too fat or too skinny, cause i am at the point where i am harming my body because i think that i am fat…i dont want to but i feel that it is the only way i can feel better of myself…i know i need help my parents have split and they have no interest in me or my younger sister…i try to be the stronger one, but i cant when she see’s me cutting myself in the bathroom, i need help not only for me but for my sister aswell…please i have no other option…no one wants to talk or help me.

  13. Kasey Says:

    Hi all- I am 28 and understand how you feel. I am a high school teacher and see all sorts of girls and body shapes. I have tried not eating or skipping meals (although it was too hard for me, I got SOOOO hungry) and also tried throwing up. Please try to believe me, the only way to feel better is 1)try talking to someone (counselor, aunt, cousin, psychiatrist, etc) join a weight loss program (you all know the names of the big ones), get a group of girls together and go running or biking and last but not least, work on your self esteem. Healthy body weight charts are published on the web. Check those out. Don’t resort to fad diets, starvation, laxatives or bulemia. They will ruin your body and make you look disgusting. People KNOW when someone is anorexic (it is so obvious). Start slow and do it right.. I am not a psychologist or anything, just a woman who has been where you are….. missstjames@hotmail.com

  14. jade Says:

    im 20 and i weigh 14 stone!! im in a size 16-18 clothes!! i hate myself and im seriously considering starving my self, i cant look at my body in the mirror and i hate going clothes shopping as nofthing fits me! i am determined to not eat for 2 weeks to see wot happens. but the thing is i have a little baby boy whos 3 in dec and i dont wanna harm myself because i need to look after him!! i know my boyfriend doesent like my body. my mum once told me she had an eating disorder but she has it under controll and thats wot im aming forand im gonna do it. i wont get ill because im mentally ok and i know my limits i only wanna be a size 10 or even a size 12, ppl say im not fat but omg i know i am i have flabby bits under my arms and my belly hangs down it reminds me of a bum lol. the one thing im worried about is feeling tired i hate feeling tired any idears on how i can keep my self awake and not feeling tired? with out taking illegal drugs!

  15. May Nhia Yang Says:

    I’m a freshman in college as of right now and in my junior year of high school i was really obsessed with my weight. I wanted to look perfect and beautiful for my boyfriend (now EX!!). I remember looking into the mirror and seeing myself still looking fat everyday even when people say i look healthy and beautiful already. Mentally i had a fat image but realistically and physically i had a perfect body. Then after my break up with my boyfriend, i start doing excessive exercises. I still remember doing everything non-stop every single day. I loved how my body was, i was skinny and beautiful. I went from being a 125 lb woman to a 102 lb woman within a year. AND still i thought i was fat. Ofcourse i diet alot, i cheered for wrestlers and i even ask then about their diet plans. (lame ey??). lol. But all of the above now i’m back to a healthy weight again..about 125 lbs again. I was 131 lbs and i lost 6 lbs in a week by starving. Stupidly, i believe i’m on the track again to anorexic, because i’ve been starving myself and everytime i eat my stomache gets upset. I sort of loose my appetite. Beacause in my belief, skinny is beautiful.

  16. Jess Says:

    I’m a thirteen year old girl.. i skipped breakfast and lunch all because i was bullied severley for being a size 14, I did this for 5 months and ended up in hospital and i have bradycardia and annorexia but the funny thing is i’m a size 10 ? but now i’ve put 8 pounds on in 3 weeks because if i dont eat properly i will die. I blame all these stereotypical Women in magazines flaunting their thin bodies Why can’t women be happy with their bodies ?? i am definatley not i am really tempted to starve again as i am being bullied because of my weight again. I can’t take this Why does the media have to screw up everything. My advice is to never resort to starvation as a Diet because even if you do reach your goal weight and you start eating again, You will ut it back on and like me you’ll be in tears and calling yourself a distguisting blob.

  17. Ziobhan Says:

    no-ones left a reply on here for a while, but i saw it on google and i had to see if anyone was still reading. i want to be anorexic. i have no control over my life, nothing works out the way i plan and if someone could give me some advice, please do. sometimes i feel like i want someone to control my life for me, like a computor game, to tell me what to wear or eat or do. i used to be anorexic, and i loved the way it felt, they convinced me it was bad, that i would die, but i miss the power, the hunger, the control. now i eat too much and i need your help, please rescue me, tell me how to go bad, before i snap and i scream and i scream and i donit know when i’ll stop..

  18. Laura Moncur Says:


    It’s possible to control your life, eat healthy, be at a healthy weight and NOT have anorexia. Please don’t wish it on yourself.

    If you need a healthy way to start, go to the New Year’s Resolution Plan and start there:

    That will give you a healthy way to eat right without starving yourself and without spawning the horrible binges that come after starvation.

    Wishing you well,
    Laura Moncur
    Starling Fitness

  19. Eli Says:

    I really need to lose weight. I ate lunch today but as soon as I was finished I felt as if I had done something wrong. I feel like eating is wrong, and everytime I eat, I wish I hadn’t. After eating lunch today I threw it up because I could not stand that I had just ate. Everyday I say to myself, “this will be the day that I stop eating, and I’ll stop eating until I’m 105 lbs”. I weigh like 200 right now, and I need to lose weight ASAP. I hate looking like this, I cry everyday, and nothing else works. How fast will I be able to lose weight if the only thing I consume is water?

  20. Yasu Says:

    I’m not too fat as they say .. but I don’t feel so good about my weight I feel so ugly .. I was kinda anorexic a while ago .. but then I went back to average eating and sometimes over . but there came back the critics of me being fat and over eating all the time & that made me decide that I wanna go back to being anorexic it doesn’t matter what happens to me as long as i get what i want & stop the ppl around me from making fun of me & show them I am able to do what i want MY WAY

  21. spurst Says:

    hi, i too am sat here so depressed at my size, i am 22 and weigh 11stone i have three hildren all under 4 and i just hate my body how did i let it get like this. before i had kids i was a size 8 i was tiny and so streamlined and efined now im just a fat blob who cant get througha day without eating crap. i would give anything t be able to control my eating and stop eating so much, i need eergy to look afte my kids but i need to be skiny just a size 6/8 my hsband doest understand at all and i havent anyone else to tlk to.

    i cant imagine hojw you ladies who have been though anorexia must feel with people wishing it upon themselves but its come to the point where ill now do anything, im even looking for drugs on the internet.

    there must be a way i cant go on feeling like this anymore.

  22. spurst Says:

    ah have just rralised im talking in UK sizes you must think im a whale, i want to be a 2 / 4 i am currently a 10 i just dont see how ill ever do it, i havent eaten at all yet today apart from a banana and loads and loads of water i feel ok so far but my husband is pressuring me to eat already!!!!!

  23. Jessica Says:

    I dont know what to do with myself. Everyone tells me im not fat but that doesnt mean i dont feel it. I’m 16, around 5’5” and i range from 145-150 pounds. My mom criticizes everything i wear. If i am feeling bad about myself and want to wear a sweatshirt, im not allowed. Then i have to go to school and feel like everyone is staring at my stomach. It takes me 20 minutes to pick out my outfit because im so self conscious and i have huge anxiety attacks where i break down hysterically crying and miss the first half of school. I count down the minutes until i can go in my room and hide from the staring eyes. I dont necessarily eat a lot, and im on 2 sports but the weight just wont go away. For the past week i have only been eating my lunch which is a peanut butter sandwich and then just telling my mom i ate before she got home and havent lost any weight! I dont think i am even going to eat it anymore because every time i eat i feel guilty, like if i am not hungry than im getting bigger. I know i shouldnt hate myself this much but i just cant help it. I think about weighing myself, throwing up and weighing myself again to see what i lost. I know all this is bad for me but i did the whole eating healthy and exercise thing and it didnt work and i dont know how else to feel good about myself. Does anyone have any advice?

  24. beth Says:

    how can i loose weight i am age 14 and i am 14 stone

  25. Brytni Says:

    Hi, I am 20 years old and I too am struggling to lose weight. I have always wanted to model… I am too short for runway modeling but could do printwork. I am getting a nose job in March and I really want to lose 10-15 pounds by Summer so that when my nose heals, I can pursure modeling. I am 5’3″ and weigh 116 pounds, and want to be right at 100 pounds. I try to eat no more than 600 calories per day and I only drink water and green tea. I don’t think I am considered anorexic, but I don’t know if only eating 600 calories is healthy? I just want to lose the weight soon, but I know its not healthy to lose it too fast. I get teased all the time for being “flabby” and now that my boyfriend has started telling me I look like I have lost weight, I am even more addicted to keep losing it. I haven’t seen any results yet but I hope starvation isn’t the next step. Damn those fashion magazines and their skinny models!

  26. ALENA Says:

    Hi I also really want to loose weight! I am 27 years old and I weigh 167 lbs. According to my doctors I should weigh around 120 lbs because of my height which is 5’3.This is too much weight for my height. I have been fat for about 7 years and I have developed a low self esteem because of this! The weight I am now is the weight I was when I was nine months pregnant with my daughter. I have tried everything and the weight just won’t come off. I am considering liposuction but I am afraid of surgery. I have heard of appetite suppresants such as phentermine that help with weight loss. I also have heard of lipoden and lipo B shots that help with weight loss. I am thinking of taking this route to weight loss. My bestfriend’s mom loss 16 lbs in 2.5 weeks with these lipoden shots and she also got B12 shots also. Maybe this will help me feel better about my self. I hate being fat! I don’t want to be skinny or anorexic looking either but I do want to loose 40 lbs!

  27. joey Says:

    if u exercise dont expect to lose so much weight after only a couple of days. the normal exercising person loses a pound or 2 a week… if its anymore its unhealthy.

  28. Els Says:

    ahh FCK SAKE, to all you girls out there who say”i want to be anorexic”. You really have NO idea do you. Have you not been listening to wat people have been writing. I have not met one anorexic person yet who is not highly depressed and self destructive.im anorexic, and have since developed chronic depression, self-harm with razor blades, am too weak to do anything, freezing all year even in the summer im dam cold, my parents cant look at me without breaking down into tears, i cant have a job because am too unwell, so u see all those little clothes u want to buy, wel u wnt be able to cus ul have no money,ul think they look hideous nyway, you can 4get university if you want that because ive already been withdrawn from a course twise as am too unwell, and if you like the idea of having a tube put up ur nose into ur stomach with food being shoved into you,and being watched in the shower to make sure ur not exercising,and having to be on strict bed rest and spend the majority of your time in hospital, where if your really lucky you get a nurse thats nice and trys to understand, but more often than not,ur just a pain up the ass for not eating as they dnt understand. if you want to lose ur friends cus trust me, ul start to socially recline, you can forget the meaning of fun, but youl get all to familiar with the words i fcking hate myself, and want to die, for even eating a bloody grape. Oh yea, and if you want to make your mum,dad brothers sisters whoever ur family is, ill too, with worry than anorexia is the perfect way to do it. oh and a needle will be ur best friend, as u can expect blood tests every week, and also to have to have ur heart moniterd every week. ooh if your really lucky like me, ur kidneys can beggin to fail,and then, yep,your heart too. Oh and hope u realise it wont just be food than you become sht scared of, oh no it will be any liquid too, even water. Because as ur weight gets so low, even an exra glass of water a day will make u look like uv put on weight, hey u will look physically bigger, as ur stomach stretches to accomodate the slightest thing u give it,and thats painful, trust me. so girls if you want to be so selfish, and dam rite pss taking to al the people out there who have real reasons for suffering with such a deadly and life destroying ILLNESS that anorexia is, go ahead,attempt to copy, hell whilst your at it, why dont you go say to some one with cancer,and say i want that too please,and see wat they say, cus thats exactly wat ur already doing. imature girls.

  29. Catherine Says:

    I WAS anorexic/bulimic. Btw, to the people who said “ooh I want to be anorexic” you’re not. it’s not something you decide to be or want to be.. It’s a mental disease. Something that once you get in to you can never get out.

  30. Angela Says:

    What is the best book / resource for losing weight? I mainly want something that will help me have the willpower to achieve my goals. I feel disgusting right now like I am wearing a pajama suit of extra fat/skin. I want to be slender and hot again. It feels so powerful to be slim and beautiful.

  31. Kacey Says:

    I’m only here to say what i feel. I’m thirteen.. I’ve suffered three years of pain, i cried every day. On the third year i forced myself to get better. Bhut then i resorted to cutting myself. Everytime i look in the mirror i see a fat girl. I’ve began to ask my cousins and sisters if i look fat constantly. I’ve gone through breakdowns too many times. Nobody i know understands how i feel. They don’t know how much it hurts to call me fat, To discuss with others how “big” i am. So many times i had to hold in my tears. Sometimes i feel i can only find peace when i sleep. Sometimes i wish i could sleep forever. Even though now im silently crying, feeling pain , and i’m just broken, i know when i wake up i’ll pretend nothing happened, that everythings okay again. i’ve tried telling someone, bhut they don’t care … after a couple hours its back to whatever was most important.. their bf, hair , whatever.. Well yeah. just another life of a hopeless teen..

  32. Off THe Wall Says:

    Anyone who wants to lose a ton of weight through starvation or who wants anorexia is already heading for trouble. I think that whilst, not necassarily wanting or glamourising anorexia as much, but wanting to starve to lose a ton of weight is a precursor to further problems. I’ve been bulimic for 4 years and trying to recover for ages but struggle constantly and I don’t want anorexia but I want to lose a ton of weight through starvation. I think though that once you lose control of the compulsion to want to lose a ton of weight then it becomes more of a real problem. It’s all mental though, I mean everyone with an eating disorder started out wanting to just lose some weight.

    Either way, I don’t recomend disordered eating at all, it’s hideous, I’m pretty much rendered helpless in controlling it, succumbing to rules, ideas and orders that come from stupid foriegn voice in my head that doesn’t belong there.

    Off The Wall

  33. ashley Says:

    i read you stories and the only way to have a healthy weight loss is through diet and exercise…you’ll see the reults eventually so just be patient

  34. Emily Meaghan Says:

    I WANT TO BE SKINNY I weigh 118lbs. & i.m 5’6″ i feel so nasty i hate looking in the mirror & hating myself i just want to weigh nothing!

  35. Emily Meaghan Says:

    I just want to be loved. i hate myself. it really hurts when someone looks you right in the eye & says “youre not fat” & you know that they are lying. enough just isnt enough for people to stare at you and talk about you behind your back they have to lie to your face too. i hate being fat. someone help me, i just want to be skinny. Love always, Emily Meaghan

  36. Found my Secret Says:

    okay..so i’ve been fat for a long time now. I never really liked my body but over a span of 3 years i gained 28lbs!!! did i ever hate it. I tried dieting so much but..i love food what can i say..i even wasted 1500$ so far on a personal trainer..i dropped that. Just recently i was away on vacation and met this guy..a total hottie. We had met 6 years back and when i came back he was surprised to see me. We hung out a bit and i guess he started to like me. I came back home..and we talked..texted each other. Now that we have a thing going and i bought a ticket to go see him again in 2 months..im not hungry..i lost 10lbs in about a week and I’m still going strong. My secret was that i needed a man..i want to so bad go back and surprise him when i see him at that airport…i want to give him the gift of a new hot me because he believed in me and always told me i was perfect the way i was(even tho trust me, everyone likes a chick with a hot bod). he was my inspiration.:) Right now though, i’m already planning on how i will maintain the weight that i want to be without gaining it back. Thats the most important thing. because it sucks when u put all that hard work and effort and then accidently slowly slump back to being fat. I’m already planning it out so that that doesn’t happen! Hope my story helps anyone who needs that little boost. by the way..i’m 17, 5’5. my starting weight was 148lbs(id lost a little before meeting him due to the personal training) and this morning i weighed myself at an 133lbs! only 13 more pounds to go and I’ll be at my goal!! wish me luck! xoxoxo

  37. Liz Says:

    i just read all the replies and i know exactly what you guys are feeling. i feel like i’m so fat all the time and no matter how many times people say that i’m not fat or i’m really skinny already, i just can’t bring myself to believe them. i don’t want to ever look like those really anorexic people in the magazines but i just want to be happy with my body. a girl at my school had anorexia last year and i thought she looked really sick and too skinny at first but then she started to gain weight, and even though she is still really skinny she looks beautiful. i currently weigh about 58kg which isn’t alot considering i’m about 5’9″ but i still feel really fat and hate my thighs so much that i just get really depressive about being so fat that i can’t stop myself from eating to make myself feel better, which just makes me feel worse about it all. my best friend isn’t anorexic but she is super skinny because she is a gymnast and i’ve been under pressure from her since we were in like grade 4 or something, and now i’m going into grade 11 in three weeks or so. even though she doesn’t know it, everytime i amaround her, especially when we go to the beach or whatever, i feel even more self conscious about the flab around my stomach and my “thunder-thighs” (as i call them). but i just can’t seem to do anything about it because i do everything i can to improve my self-image but i don’t see any results so i get really upset and eat again, which i know is totally pointless. i did gymnastics last year but i don’t think i can go back to training looking like this because all the girls i train with are like super skinny and muscley and i hate them being able to do everything and i am jusst so fat that the coaches can’t help me learn new skills. and then everyone trains in glittery lycra crop-tops and shorts and i can’t stand being around them because it just makes everything worse. but i just can’t stop thinking that i’m too fat. there’s this guy who really likes me and says i’m beautiful but lately i have stopped believing him because my self esteem is so low. and my parents don’t help either. they just keep feeding me junk and i can’t do anything about it. at the moment, my life sucks.

  38. kelly Says:

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone still reads/writes here. I know the last post was in 2009…but all of these comments connect to me. I cut myself cause I’m secretly depressed. Only my boyfriend knows about my obsession with weight and addiction to self harm. I would like to know what you guys did to lose weight rapidly…how much did you eat/exercise a day? Cause iv been at the gym a lot lately and watching calories and starving myself for days at a time but nothing works. I’m leaving for vacation in 2 weeks where ill be in a bikini and SO self concious. Also prom is coming up and as of right now my dress doesn’t zip anymore all the way up 🙁 Help me be skinny!!

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