High Altitude Training From a Machine?

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AltiPower KitA couple of years before the 2002 Winter Olympics, the athletes started coming to train in our mountains. There was a lot of talk about hemoglobin and mountain sickness. This machine says it can give you the same benefits of training in the mountains. It does this and shows a woman relaxing on a chair: intense training.

I have felt the draining effects of going up to the mountains and trying to do the same physical activity that I do in the valley. I have seen the same effects on physically fit friends who visit us from lower altitudes. I have felt like a superhero, able to run forever, in San Francisco and San Diego. I think there is something to training in the mountains, but I don’t think that machine will help you as much as getting your butt to Salt Lake City would.

Via: Engadget – The Altipower personal hypoxicator


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