Strengthcast – Virgil Aponte

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This is a truly inspiring StrengthCast and well worth the thirty minutes of your time to listen to it. It is an interview with a New York school teacher whose job was to teach physical fitness to his students without a gym. How did he get the aerobic training for his students? He took them into the stairwell.

Of course, this program is completely useless to 85% of the listeners in the United States because we live in cities where the buildings rarely exceed three stories. They talk about taking the stairs instead of the elevator as if this were a decision that many of us had to make every day.

Don’t let the inspiration of this StrengthCast get lost in those details, though. The moral of this story is that this man was able to help his students without all that fancy equipment that most of us have access to at the local health spa or recreation center. Where there is a will, there is a way. Don’t let a silly thing like lack of equipment stop you.


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