The Costs of Obesity

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Remember when my sister said that it seems like all of these articles in the news about the rising obesity rates might be so prevalent because the health insurance companies are trying to get out of paying benefits for half the population? Here is another article that points in that direction:

When we see all these articles, remember that there is a reason they keep quoting that 60% of the population is overweight. They want you to believe that it’s acceptable to deny benefits to people who are overweight. The truth of the matter is, there is no substantial proof that being overweight causes diseases. Overweight is a far cry from obesity. A few pounds overweight may not cause disease, but the insurance companies want you to believe that it will. They want you to get confused by using the words overweight and obesity interchangeably.

Via: About.com – Staggering Stats … – by Jennifer R. Scott


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