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Sony is testing a health monitoring system that uses RFIDs to automatically record the nutritional information that employees eat in the company cafeteria. It makes me wonder what working at Sony is like. What is it like when your employer watches what you eat and makes recommendations to live a healthier life?

Popgadget – RFID’d employee health control – by Regine

There was an old country song called, “I Sold My Soul to the Company Store.” Now, I think it would go, “I’m Hungry, but the Company Cafeteria Thinks I’m Fat.” Despite my reservations about my employer knowing about my binges, I think anything that makes it easier to monitor my own health is a great idea.

Just think of how easy it could be. I could just hold up my food to my RFID tag and it would keep a log of everything I eat. No more writing in my Palm, no more lists to look up the food. All I would have to do is just live my life and be able to check the data.

It’s so exciting to live in this time. I can’t wait to see what this will look like when it’s available on the market.


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