StrengthCast: Caffeine / Ken Gibson

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This podcast from Strength Radio started to sound like it might be a little over the edge, but every thing that Ken Gibson says is right on about caffeine.

The most important thing that he said is, “Coffee doesn’t give you energy. It borrows energy.” You’re not getting energy from your caffeine fix, you’re borrowing it from your sleep and your muscles. I have discussed my dealings with caffeine in detail and I can tell you that everything he says in this interview is an accurate description of what happens to you when you are addicted to caffeine.

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  1. Braidwood Says:

    Caffiene has always made me feel icky and shaky, with just one mouthful. Someone suggested I drink green tea. I did for three days, and I didn’t notice anything right after drinking it, but during those three day I did notice that I had moments when I felt more tired than I have ever felt. I felt just weary with incredible fatigue. Then I realized it must be an after effect of the caffiene for me. I stopped drinking it, fatigue went away.

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