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Creme BruleeI enjoyed a creme brulee last night. Mike made it for me and it was delicious. It was only four Points, so you can imagine how small it was, but frankly, my mind only wants one creme brulee. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s two ounces or eight.

I get surprised sometimes at the delicious simplicity of a small dessert. I don’t need a four layer chocolate cake. If you put one in front of me, I’ll eat it, but if you put a small single layer chocolate cake that is just as rich, I’ll eat it too. I won’t feel deprived that it’s not bigger. I’ll be happy to have dessert.

After years of denying myself dessert, I look forward to it now. I will purposely eat very lightly at dinnertime just so that I can “afford” dessert. There were so many times as a child when I was told that I would not be allowed to eat dessert unless I finished my dinner. Now, I break those rules all the time.

One of the things about Weight Watchers that drew me to them is that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as it fit within my Points range. I can’t imagine a life without creme brulee and I refuse to deny myself its custardy goodness.


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