Cookie Monster Confronts His Bingeing

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Apple Monster?I grew up with Cookie Monster bingeing on cookies at every opportunity. I remember noticing that he ate so quickly that half the cookies ended up on the floor. I remember thinking, “If he was careful, he would get a lot more cookies in his mouth.” I consciously took notes, “When bingeing on cookies, make sure to eat slowly so you can get every crumb.” I had no grasp of the concept that Cookie Monster was a muppet and couldn’t actually swallow the cookies he was crunching. Now, it looks like Cookie Monster is slimming down.

I don’t know what to think of this. Cookie Monster wasn’t my favorite of the Sesame Street characters. I would have to go with Oscar first and then Burt and Ernie. So, with Cookie Monster at a distant fourth (or maybe fifth, I forgot about Grover), do I really care that he is changing? The main feature of his personality was that he was obsessed with cookies. I was too. I always felt like I never got enough cookies to fill my mouth. Cookie Monster eventually always found enough cookies. He had so many that he didn’t have to eat up every crumb.

When I finally got a job and had enough money to buy all the cookies that minimum wage could afford, I ate a lot. Much of the money I earned at K-Mart went right to the junk food industry. Ironically, when I can have all the junk food that I want, I’m less obsessed with it.

So, Cookie Monster is going to tell kids how great mangoes are. I guess I think this is a good thing. Childhood idols enticing kids to eat different fruits and vegetables is probably the best way for them to at least try healthy food. Of course, Popeye and his spinach addiction has been doing this for years. Looks like Cookie Monster is just trying to jump Popeye’s train.

Via: The Salt Lake Tribune – ‘Sesame’ teaches kids to trade in cookies for carrots – by Kathy Stephenson


8 Responses to “Cookie Monster Confronts His Bingeing”

  1. Braidwood Says:

    Keep Cookie Monster a COOKIE MONSTER!! It would be like Oscar the Grouch being nice to show kids that they should be polite. There are grown ups on the show that teach the right way to do stuff all the time. Characters like Oscar and Cookie Monster fulfill an important function by giving kids a character who can express feelings they might have but can’t express. It’s a shadow release in the form of humor function.

  2. unknown Says:

    he’s cookie mnoster! duh! not healthy monster!

    i love cookie monster!!!!!!!

  3. Annoyed Says:

    I grew up with Cookie Monster and his infamous “C is for Cookie” song, too, and I, like every child, wanted as many cookies as I could get ahold of. However, my family taught me that I should limit my snacks. I thought Cookie Monster was silly for wanting nothing but cookies – he didn’t make me want cookies. If I recall correctly, he got a stomach ache from eating too much sometimes, and the rest of the characters did not appreciate his gluttony. That was the point of Cookie Monster. He was not meant to tell children to eat nothing but cookies just like him. If cookies tasted nasty, no kid would want them, and that would solve the problem. People need to take responsiblity for their own decisions and their children’s lives and stop blaming helpless and harmless childhood figures. Children need to grow up to be able to make their own decisions – not base them off of what random characters tell them is good for them. That’s no way to live, it doesn’t portray the real world, and it damages the child’s imagination and reasoning skills.

  4. WTF? Says:

    what the heck? im sorry im going to have to draw the line on this one. first, they pretty much get rid of the twins betty lou and prarie dawn, then they get rid of baby bird, then we start seeing less and less of snuffalopagus(who by the way is my favorite) and now this? what’s next no more elmo or big bird then there would be no more point to the whole show.

  5. Laura Moncur Says:

    You do realize that these characters are played by REAL human beings, don’t you? The man who plays Big Bird will die someday. I’d rather have Big Bird leave the show than see him talking with someone else’s voice.

  6. umm Says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????? i think that cookie montster umm should be a cookie monster…duh. and changing him to “apple monster” is just stupid. i used to watch the show all the time, and i would see him eating cookies…I NEVER WANTED COOKIES WHEN I SAW HIM EATING so like that doesnt make little kids like addicted to cookies. if they want an “apple monster” soo bad they should make an apple monster & keep cookie monster & they could have like a battle or something or whatever. ok bye.

  7. T-T Says:

    Cookie monster loving cookies is what made him unique people loved him because of it he might still be same muppet but apples wont be the same =[ i’ll miss him T_T

  8. Bernice (cookie monster lover) Says:

    Oh this is horrible the Sesame street show was my number one show and still is i will never call him the APPLe monster that is so screwed up he taught me many things but eating cookies i never had a weight issue of eating to much or to little its not his fault ___ SORRY BUT ITS NOT HIS FAULT ITS THE PARENTS FAULT WERE THE HELL ARE THEY ___ THE COKKIE MONSTER DIDNT BUY THE COOKIES IN MY PANTRY WHEN I WAS A KID …

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