CortiSlim FDA Warning

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Quackwatch has a copy of the FDA warning letter sent to Window Rock Enterprises, the company that produces CortiSlim.

Quote from the letter:

“We have reviewed these claims, along with the substantiation package you provided, and concluded that they are not supported by reliable scientific evidence. Because these claims lack substantiation, they are false or misleading, and cause your product to be misbranded.”

The FDA doesn’t think CortiSlim will supress your appetite, reduce your cravings, or burn calories more efficiently and naturally through thermogenesis. Do you think you should spend your money on it?

See the whole letter here: FDA Warning Letter about CortiSlim


2 Responses to “CortiSlim FDA Warning”

  1. paganwonder Says:

    Is this the same FDA that approved Phen-fen, mercury in infant immunizations, cardiac disease inducing HRT and red dye? Face it kids the FDA fronts for a few gigantic manufacturers and their doctors. “It’s not the drugs it’s the side-effects that kill you”.

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    The FDA is not infallible. Like all humans, they make mistakes. Phen-fen was one of them. They are doing their best to keep us safe and it’s a really complicated job. I worked in a research lab. I know. They have proven, however, that Corti-Slim is lying to you. Please don’t waste your money on their product.

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