Weight Watchers Core Food List

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I’ve gotten tons of hits from people who are looking for this information:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Soups (non-creamy)
  • Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Potatoes and Grains
  • High Fiber and other cereals without added sugar
  • Lean Meats, poultry, fish and eggs
  • Fat-Free Milk Products
  • Healthy Oils
  • Condiments
  • Coffee, Tea and sugar-free beverages

This is the “magic” list of core foods that are allowed on the Core Plan for Weight Watchers, but I’m going to be totally honest with you. If you are looking for this, you need to get your butt in the door of a Weight Watchers and pay the minimal fee to go to the classes. A magic list of foods is not what you need to help you achieve your goal. You need the full program to get you through this process.

This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change. You got fat for a reason. Sorry to break it to you, but this fat didn’t mysteriously creep onto your body of its own accord. You have been systematically overeating (or worse, bingeing) for some time now. You need to get to the bottom of the reason that you have been abusing your body. A magic list of foods is not going to help you analyze these problems.

Are you feeling out of control? Are you feeling like this might be the last way that you have to get into control? Are you sick of the way you feel every day? Then you need to take that big step and get yourself into the door at Weight Watchers.

There are no excuses. The fee that they charge each week is nominal. Stop buying a couple of double lattes from Starbucks each week and you’ve got it covered. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of attending. I’m not a CPA, but I’ve even heard that the cost of attending Weight Watchers is tax deductible.

You think that it’s full of the old biddy committee and housewife brigade? Think again. There are plenty of men attending Weight Watchers. Your best bet is to attend in the evenings or weekends if you want masculine company. If you are a professional woman, Saturday morning is the best time for you to attend and find like-minded women who have a little more on their mind than feeding children or watching Matlock.

You didn’t like the teacher once? Try again. There are probably twenty teachers in each major metropolitan area. Keep going to different classes until you find the teacher that is the best for you, then cling to that teacher throughout your journey. Wait the extra minutes to weigh in with your teacher and talk to him/her personally. Tell them that out of the hundreds of people who come through this door every day, you’re the one person who is going to make it. You’re the one student that is going to make them proud, then live up to that statement.

You came here looking for the magic bullet. You came here wanting to know the supernatural list that would solve all your problems. Your problems are bigger than a list. They need the full treatment. Get your butt into Weight Watchers because the core food list isn’t going to help you if you’re not fully committed to this process.


3 Responses to “Weight Watchers Core Food List”

  1. mia corvilla Says:

    This is a little condescending. I’ve been an on and off again weight watcher for many many many years. Not all weight watchers meeting are created equally. The ones in my area for the times I am available simply do not motivate me. I am making an informed decision to obtain as much as I can on the web b/c I simply cannot justify spending ANY amount of money (as minimal as is may be) for a less than supportive or motivating atmosphere. Why post the list anyway if you’re going to put down people wanting to use it?

  2. Casandra Smith Says:

    I also agree that the author’s statements are a bit condescending. I have been a WW member for a year now and have had success, both on the scale and off (in terms of gaining healthier attitudes about food and the reasons why I’ve been abusing food for such a long time). I agree that WW does not hand you a magic pill to lose weight and the rate of success depends on the level of commitment of each member. I also agree that finding the right meetings Leader is essential to the process and progress of losing weight. What I don’t agree with, however, is the author’s inferences on the type of people that attend specific meetings and when to avoid those said people. I am a stay at home mother dedicated to myself, my husband and yes, my children, which includes the meticulous planning and execution of providing the best and healthiest possible meals, at each mealtime, for my family. For the author to assume that “Saturday morning is the best time for you to attend and find like-minded women who have a little more on their mind than feeding children or watching Matlock” is insulting! It has been my choice and the choice of many able bodied women to put aside their professional goals whether permanently or for the time being to take care of their children, the future. And as for watching Matlock….I also choose to make better use of my time and my activities do not include sitting in front of the television all day long.

  3. Lyn Says:

    I agree with the other responses that it is insulting to stay at home moms (or Dads) that we have nothing else on our minds except feeding children or that we sit in front of a TV all day….also prof. aren’t the only ones with limited time(or free sat mornings)and stay at home parents aren’t the only ones concerned with what their children and family eats…as for stating to get our butts into a meeting..Not all meetings are the same …I have been to all of them in my area and they did nothing for me…I am in an small town and meeting choices are extremely limited….I find it easier to do on my own actually and have had success….some people do better with support some don’t need it from meetings…support from friends and family can be even better….I agree that going at first helps to teach you about the program but after that it’s up to person if they feel they need meetings to attend to for whatever reasons…


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