What Happens If You Go Without Water?

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You can survive for a LONG time without food, depending on your fat stores, but you can only last a couple of days without water. What happens when you do? This video from SciShow explains the gory details.

Most diets recommend that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated, which is a good idea considering that many people turn to food when they’re actually thirsty. So remember to drink your water so you don’t get dehydrated.


The Skinny on Obesity

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This video from the University of California has been so helpful to me.

This quote from episode four really helped me give up the shame of being fat.

No one can exert willpower over a biochemical drive that goes on every minute of every day of every year.

No one chooses obesity. Obesity chooses them.

The food industry is too powerful to expect a health initiative banning sugar in our food supply. 80% of our food has been laced with sugar. All those companies hold far more power than us, so it falls to us to avoid it.

Here are their four tips on how to help heal your brain and body:

Their recommendations are:

  • Get rid of every sugar beverage in the house. There is no such thing as a good sugar beverage.
  • Keep insulin down by only eating carbohydrate with fiber, such as fruit.
  • Wait twenty minutes for second portions so your body can get the message that you’ve eaten your meal to your brain.
  • Buy your screen time with activity. If you are outside for a half hour, you can have a half hour of TV. Exercise has to be consistent and sustained.

These are pretty simplistic ideas and don’t address the addictive nature of highly palatable food. This series is great at explaining the problems with our bodies when we become obese, but fixing those problems are much more complicated than their little four tips make it seem.


Refeeding: A Treatment for Obesity?

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“I’m hungry all the time. I think about food all the time.” I was lamenting to Mike, my husband, about why it’s so hard for me to follow my program for more than an hour or so.

“That’s because there is something the matter with your brain. For whatever reason, it tells you that you’re hungry all the time.” He was trying to help me, but his words were anything but consoling. “You’re like an anorexic, except backwards.”

How many times had I wished I could be anorexic? How many times had I wished I could be free of this desire to eat all the time?

Mike continued talking, “What would you do if you WERE anorexic?” I cried and laughed at the same time. “I’d be so damn happy and not eat for a year. I’d finally be skinny.”

He nodded and asked, “And then after you were skinny, what would you do? If you didn’t eat, you’d die, so what would you do?” (more…)


Adam Levine Loves Lettuce

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I love this animated GIF that I found on Turning day-dreams, into reality.

Adam Levine Loves Lettuce from Starling Fitness

It makes me laugh to see Adam Levine attack a head of lettuce like a huge bunny or maybe a hamster. It reminds me of that Chris Traeger GIF:

Chris Traeger loves lettuce from Starling Fitness

I need to get some more fresh lettuce in my life. For the longest time, I’ve shied away from iceburg lettuce because my grandpa said that it was the least vitamin rich lettuce I could eat. I’ve chowed down on kale, watercress, and spinach in my salads, but honestly, iceburg TASTES the best.

Iceberg Lettuce Tastes The Best from Starling Fitness

If I have to eat a salad, shouldn’t I eat one that tastes buttery and crisp instead of bitter and floppy? I’m sure I would need a lot less dressing on an iceburg lettuce salad just because I wouldn’t need to hide the bitterness of Kale and spinach. The next time I am tempted to dutifully pile on bitter greens onto my salad, I’m going to remember that picture of Adam Levine chowing down on iceburg. If I have to eat a salad, I should ENJOY it.

Lettuce image via: The Cook’s Thesaurus


Five Steps To Avoid Over-Eating

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I saw this infographic on Fitness, Health, and Confidence and I wanted to post it here so I always have it handy.

5 Steps To Avoid Over-Eating from Starling Fitness

There is some great advice there:

  • Concentrate – You can cut your food intake in one sitting by 18% simply by turning off the TV and sitting at the dinner table, rather than eating from your lap.

  • Stop Grazing – You are a grazer if you stand at the kitchen cupboard eating the food you have just removed from it. If you must snack, plate the food up properly to instill portion control.

  • Recognize Hunger – Ask yourself if you are truly hungry or simply substituting food for an emotion, such as stress or sadness. Eating healthy and sensible portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner will help to recognize when your body needs food as you are less likely to have blood sugar imbalances throughout the day.

  • Chew – This may sound silly, but have you ever counted the amount of times you chew one piece of food? The more you chew the more taste and texture you will get from each bite and the sooner you will be satisfied, meaning you eat less.

  • Slow Down – If you are sharing dinner with a friend or even eating alone, take time to put your fork down between mouthfuls and give your brain time to register your food intake. Studies show the slower you eat, the less you eat.

All of these sound like good ideas. I’ve tried some of them like putting the fork down between bites and chewing my food a certain number of times. I don’t know if they helped me be more aware of my food, slowed me down so I felt full with less food, or just distracted me a bit, but they seemed to work.


Learn To Say No To Your Cravings And Your Mind

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I really like this poster from Make It Count.

Learn to say no to your cravings and your mind from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Learn to say no

not only to your cravings, but to the part of your mind that thinks it’s okay to give up.

That part of my mind that thinks it’s okay to give up is pretty strong. It has given up on Weight Watchers twice before. It has given up on low carb twice. It has given up on running. It has given up on DDR and a hundred other fun exercise things to do.

Learning how to say no to that part of my mind is something I haven’t mastered yet, so this poster is really helpful to me.


Your Body Keeps An Accurate Journal

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This motivational photo from Loving My Body Through All the Good and Bad really made me think.

Your Body Keeps An Accurate Journal from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Your body keeps and accurate journal regardless of what you write down.

I’ve really been thinking about this since the ActiveLink made me realize that I was WAY over-counting my exercise. I wrote in that entry:

I just wish there was something like this for eating. What if I am UNDER-counting my food? I do my best to be accurate, but that was the case with exercise as well. I wish there was a little gadget that could analyze every morsel of food that I eat and record the points automatically. That would be one less place where I could screw up.

Ever since then, I’ve done my best to count my food correctly. When I am in doubt, I choose the one with higher points values or choose the serving size that is larger than I usually would estimate it.

Since then, I’ve steadily lost weight each week. There have been a few weeks where my losses have been only tenths of a pound, but that is SO much better than the stagnating I did last time I tried Weight Watchers.


Don’t Be Fast, Greasy or Fake

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I love this motivational poster from Funeral For My Fat.

Don't Be Fast Greasy or Fake from Starling Fitness

It reads:

You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, greasy or fake.

Now, I might have to argue with the “greasy” part because healthy oils are ESSENTIAL, but surely, don’t be fast or fake, in real life or in your diet.


Back to Weight Watchers

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Almost three months ago, I had a freak out because I realized my weight was up to 220.9.

Since then, I have tried to lose the weight on my own. I used Lose It! and had a lot of support on that website, but I kept flaking on myself. Despite the lovely people there, willing to give me support, I didn’t follow through.

Low carb eating works best for my body, but I haven’t been able to stay on that diet any longer than I was able to stay low fat. The only diet that I’ve been able to stay on long-term is Weight Watchers.

I think it’s because of the accountability. Every week, I stand on a scale in front of a REAL person. Most of the times, it was my WW leader who weighed me. Something about that accountability is very motivating to me.

Of course, there are other forms of accountability. I could hire a weight loss doctor to weigh me each week, but that costs a lot more than the $12 a week that WW is costing me right now. I could go to OA meetings. Heck, I think they are even FREE, but then I have to accept a “higher power” and all that Jesus talk that I can’t swallow any more than I could swallow a Jenny Craig meal.

It seemed that the only option that I could see was Weight Watchers and seeing my weight on the scale at the office shocked me. I had bounced up to 226.4, despite all my efforts on my own to lose weight. I might not have lost weight the last time I struggled with WW, but I didn’t GAIN! Trying to do this on my own, I GAINED weight.

In 2011, I wrote about why I was leaving WW:

I said:

And I did it. I went to every WW meeting and I followed the program for a year. My progress was minimal at best. I lost approximately ten pounds in that year, which is better than gaining that same amount, but it was a CONSTANT struggle to even have those minimal results.

Two years later, I’m looking at a constant struggle and I’ve GAINED over twenty pounds since I left WW. Those “minimal results” are looking pretty good compared to the last two years of failure.

So, I’m back at the beginning. I went to WW yesterday and it was really good to see my leader. It was really good to see my old friends. It was even BETTER to see the lifetime member who lost 150 pounds in 1995 and has kept it off since then. She goes to WW EVERY week, even though she has kept the weight off for so long.

What the HECK was I thinking? If that lifetimer has to still go to WW every week for YEARS in order to keep those 150 pounds from creeping back, why did I think I could do this on my own?!

And now, I have to start over…

Sick of Starting Over? Stop Quitting! from Starling Fitness

Well, if I’m sick of starting over, I need to stop quitting. I’ve seen it time and time again on Pinterest. It’s time to take it to heart.

If you are sick of starting over, you have to stop quitting. From Starling Fitness

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up. From Starling Fitness

If you're sick of starting over, STOP QUITTING. From Starling Fitness


Say No Thanks to Junk

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I love this tweet from Tara Stiles.

Say No Thanks To Junk from Starling Fitness

It reads:

It’s all in the food. Eat better, feel better, never get sick, have a great mood, loads of energy, and look fantastic. #saynothankstojunk

The thing that really caught my eye was the hashtag, “Say No Thanks to Junk.” It is so hard for me to do it. Not only do I have a hard time saying no thanks to other people, but it’s SO hard to say it to myself. I crave all the worst in food and just saying no to it is as hard as they told me it would be to say no to drugs.

Tara Stiles is a Yoga instructor and she has many yoga videos for sale at Amazon:

I also found a workout on YouTube, but I don’t know how long it will stay there:

She seems focused on Yoga, yet she tells us that it is all about the food. If we can control our eating, then everything else will fall into place.

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