Luminite LED and Reflective Jackets

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As we head into shorter days and getting closer to Daylight Savings Time, I thought these jackets from Endura were cool.

Luminite Reflective Jackets from Starling Fitness

“Arrive Alive”. Sporting the Luminite EN471 standard reflective safety chevrons in a bold, contemporary aesthetic, other road users will see you night and day. There’s never been more good reasons to be cutting around the city on two wheels. Make sure that you are noticed in more ways than one.

They have LED lights on them to make you VERY visible when you are jogging or riding your bike in the darkness. I am always very scared of getting hit by a car and anything I can do to increase my visibility is important to me.

Of course, I have so much fear that if it’s dark, I just walk on the treadmill instead, which ironically, cost about twice as much as one of those jackets. STILL, I feel like $154 for a light up jacket is too steep for me. That $300 treadmill is looking better to me now…


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