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I can see the book from my work chair. It was sent to me by someone who wanted me to read it and review it on Starling Fitness. I wanted to read it. I was very clear to them that if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t review it, but I wanted to read it. Despite my atheism, I was willing to look into it. But I couldn’t get past the sixth paragraph of the first chapter.

But then the pastor returned to the podium, patted his stomach, and jokingly bragged about the oversized meal and ball game he was about to enjoy. He even prayed that it wouldn’t be too healthy. With my head bowed and eyes closed, I found myself squeezing my wife’s hand.


Within six paragraphs, the writer of this book that was supposedly based on the tenets of a faith that LITERALLY said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” was judging the pastor of the church he was visiting. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to stomach the rest of the book, and thus, no review.

It’s the thing that has bothered me about religions and the people who profess to follow them. Your very religion says that you are not allowed to judge me, yet I see you doing it. No matter how revolutionary your faith-based plan to balance your plate and shed weight is, you are a hypocrite. Of course, there is that extra layer of irony at the fact that I am judging the writer of the book and I just wrote an entry called Judgment Is A Character Defect less than a month ago.

What I can’t argue about or reject is the success I’ve had with Overeater’s Anonymous. Such a program that is heavy in the concept of turning our eating and exercise over to a Higher Power was such a deterrent to me that I avoided it for ten years and continued to suffer with my bingeing. I’ve talked about how I dealt with that issue as an atheist here: Twelve Step Meditations for Atheists. What if you are a Christian, though? Well, there are some options that opened up for you.

There is a YouTube Channel called Christian Fitness that you can watch:

There is also this exercise video from the Eighties that looks interesting:

Praise-r-cise from Starling FitnessThere is a record from the early Eighties called Praise-R-Cise:

There is another YouTube Channel:

There is also a whole program for Christians called, Faithful Workouts. I signed up for their emails to see how they work and it really is free. I watched some of the workouts on their plan and they look normal, except the huge crucifix in the background. Healthy meal plan with snacks and real food meals.

I see these much like any other fitness program out there. If they are free and good inspiration for you, then that’s great. If they are asking for a lot of money, then there might be a problem. Since we are all humans, I find it interesting that there is this segregation amongst us. If it helps you, however, then I’m all for it.


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