Matt Diaz Is My Hero

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I am so inspired by this guy! Matt Diaz has lost 270 pounds! He is self-conscious about his excess skin, but I am truly inspired by him! You lost weight, man! Be PROUD of your body! You EARNED it!

I, too, have excess skin under my arms and lying flaccidly over my flatter stomach. I will never have a six pack. I will never be one of those girls to wear a mid-riff baring shirt, but it’s not out of shame. Even if I had always been thin, I wouldn’t have worn one of those shirts. I was never that comfortable with showing off my body. That’s WHY I ended up gaining so much weight. To protect myself.

Now that I’m all grown up, I can protect myself. I don’t need a layer of fat to keep the guys away. I can just calmly and gracefully let them down easily. I am completely unaffected by that loose skin flapping on my body because I lost weight to save my life, not to look sexy.


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