Become A Priority in Your Life

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I saw this motivational poster on Positive Life Tips and it reminded me of the difference of my life before and now my life after.

Become A Priority in Your Life by Starling Fitness

It reads:

Become a priority in your life.

This means a lot of things that I didn’t know it would mean.

  • Setting appointments for things like meditation and exercise that are ESSENTIAL for my mental and physical health.
  • Making up food and snacks ahead of time so that I’m not starving and choosing the wrong foods.
  • DOING what my sponsor tells me to do.
  • NOT doing what my sponsor tells me not to do.
  • Putting my needs ahead of the needs of those who don’t matter.

It’s HARD to do these things, but the pay offs are great. Instead of excuses and exhaustion, I am healthy and happy right now. The next time you catch yourself skipping workouts or saying yes to someone who isn’t worth it, remember to make yourself a priority.


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