How I Feel About Soda Tax

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I saw this video yesterday and it kind of riled me up.

I don’t think soda should be taxed. I also don’t think cigarettes should be taxed. It’s hard to stop drinking sugary drinks. It’s hard to quit smoking. But I don’t want the government sticking its nose in my business. I KNOW huge corporations are trying to sell me sugar water. It’s kind of OBVIOUS. There are commercials for it EVERYWHERE!!

That doesn’t mean that I want the government to step in and tax it.

What I want is to be able to choose on my own. I CHOOSE every day not to drink sugary drinks. I VOTE every day with my pocketbook. I don’t like the idea that the government thinks it needs to make food decisions for me because the minute anyone makes a food off-limits, all I can do is think about the food that I can no longer eat. If the government were to ban broccoli, I would suddenly want to eat a lot of broccoli.

So, how do I feel about big corporations trying to stop a soda tax? Man, I hate to say it, but this time, I’m on the side of the corporations.

Via: robertreich: Berkeley vs. Big Soda I got a call… – Hank’s Tumblr


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