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I adore this animated GIF I found on work sweat achieve!

Give Me My Broccoli from Starling Fitness

That first cat is all, “I’m not eating THAT!” The second cat is like, “Give me my BROCCOLI!!”

I want to be like the second cat. I want to love broccoli so much that I am willing to fight for it.

This image is from this YouTube video. You can see it in full here:

The last time I had broccoli was at Sizzler last Friday. I ordered the steak and had it with blue cheese crumbles and mushrooms. I moved the mushrooms and blue cheese off my steak onto my broccoli to make it more palatable.

Why can’t I just love it for the cruciferous veggie that it is? It’s supposed to make my brain more healthy so I can enjoy life with less hits of dopamine. When am I going to start CRAVING it like the kitty in that video?


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  1. Martin Says:

    Interesting question. Perhaps the fact that people generally do not crave foods like broccoli is another indication, in its own way, that such foods are good for us. I mean, to crave a food is to have a hunger for it that drives us to eat it. We’re in a better state, I submit, when we crave no food, but instead decide freely and rationally what we need and want. Bad carbs seem to corrupt our neural circuitry–they addict and enslave us, and so compromise our dignity and agency (if I may put it rather grandly).

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