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Don't Forget To Sleep from Starling Fitness

I have been TIRED. I’ve needed to go to bed early. I’ve needed naps in the middle of the day. I’ve felt so insanely tired that I have worried that I was getting sick. And then I remembered…

I’m losing weight.

For the first time in a LONG time, I’m actually losing weight. I have been working with a sponsor with Overeaters Anonymous and it’s really emotional work. I wrote out my Step Four Inventory and the next day, I slept the whole day. Going over all of those things from my past is draining.

Not to mention all the eating less and exercising more.

Working through the steps makes eating less and exercising more easier. So much easier that I forget that I’m doing it. And then I wonder why I’m so dang tired.

So, don’t forget to SLEEP. Losing weight is hard work and it will make you tired, so make sure you go to bed early and steal a nap every now and then.


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  1. EuToteu Says:

    Tiredness is the first sign of lack of essential nutrients, aka you are NOT eating enough (healthy) food.

    Continuing to see food as the enemy is the road to failure. This is even more true if you are exercising a lot. And no amount of putting your faith in a “higher power” is going to save you from succumbing to sheer hunger once again. Which, of course, you will see as another failure that needs to be added to the inventory. And the people at OA will ENCOURAGE you to see it as a failure. And to be humble. And submissive. And don’t have ANY kind of faith in YOURSELF and your own strength, or pride in your accomplishments. And continue to rely on them forever. And to come to church… excuse me, meetings, every week. And contribute (financially) to the organization.


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