Bad Weight Loss Advice

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I was doing a Google image search for humility and weight loss and this comic came up.

Remove Hand from Bag and Remove Butt from Couch Starling Fitness

It reads:

Amazing new weight loss program! No pills. No books. Just two easy steps.

Step 1: Remove hand from bag of chips.

Step 2: Remove rear end from couch and take a walk

It seems simple enough. Eat less. Move more. Why did it never work for me? Why was it bad weight loss advice?

The truth of the matter is far more complicated than that two-step process. It wasn’t what I was eating. It was the REASONS I wanted to eat.

Overeaters Anonymous says that this problem is not just physical (the eat less move more advice). It’s emotional and spiritual as well. I ran away from the spiritual side of this disorder until I was so desperate that I couldn’t run anymore.

Every time I work on the emotional and spiritual aspects of my problem, the physical aspects take care of themselves. Eat less and move more is a LOT more easy when I have my resentments and guilty thoughts dealt with. It also helps that I have a Higher Power to just pass off my weak moments to, even though I am an atheist.

There is a Higher Power. I'm not it from Starling Fitness

I think I consider that comic bad weight loss advice because it has only a SMALL piece of the picture. It’s NOT just eat less and move more. That’s a minuscule part of the problem.

Overeaters Anonymous does not endorse anything on this entry or blog.


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