I Am The Earth

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Sometimes there is a haunting beauty on the Internet that is just waiting to be seen. This post from chaos is exactly that:

I Am The Earth from Starling Fitness

I Am The Earth from Starling Fitness

Chaos wrote:

I have been having a very hard time being ok with my body tonight.

I have been wanting to have no body at all.

I have been wishing to be small and hidden.

I have been feeling the need to disappear.

I got into bed and was going to take pictures of my body to be negative towards it…

but then I clicked this image and looked at it.

I saw sand dunes.

I saw nature.

I saw myself.

I am the Earth.

I am the Earth.

I am the Earth.

It’s not cellulite. It’s the natural shape of your body. It is the same as the sand dunes and it was MEANT to be there. You are a woman and your are supposed to have those curves.

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