Starling Fitness Walking Videos: Daybreak in Winter 2014

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This morning, it was cold, but at least it was sunny and there was no wind to speak of. It was more than I could expect because the last few weeks had been dreary and miserable. After days and days on the treadmill, it was time to actually go outdoors and enjoy the sunrise, the crunchy snow and the squawking ducks.

Here is the result: Daybreak in Winter 2014. It’s a 26-minute walk that covers just under a mile, but if you’re watching while you’re on the treadmill, you can set your speed as fast or as slow as you need and just follow along.

Here is the map and basic information about the walk from Runkeeper:

Starling Fitness Walking Videos - Daybreak in Winter 2014

You can see the full map and information on Runkeeper here: Walking Activity 0.93 mi | RunKeeper


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