Sci Show: Fecal Transplants and Obesity

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Here is a Sci Show from February 2012 that talks about the reasons for obesity.

It boils down to MANY factors that are simply out of your hands:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Climate control
  • Many people quit smoking
  • Exposure to industrial chemicals
  • Genetics
  • Fecal bacteria

They did an episode with more information about fecal transplants here:

All of this is really depressing because I really LIKE having a warm house in the winter. I don’t have control over what chemicals are pumped into the air or what my mother weighed when she was pregnant with me. I can make sure I sleep enough, never start smoking and even volunteer for fecal transplant studies, but I still feel very discouraged. It was so much easier when calories in VS. calories out was the only factor. I had hope back then…


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