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The Terrible and Wonderful Reason I RunThe Oatmeal is a great comic that has been around for a long time. He wrote about why he runs here:

His most inspiring entry is about The Blerch:

He wrote:

Marathon runners often describe a phenomenon known as “hitting the wall.” They refer to ‘the wall” as the point in a race when they feel physically and emotionally defeated.

I do not believe in the wall. I believe in The Blerch. The Blerch is a fat little cherub who follows me when I run. He is a wretched, lazy beast. He tells me to slow down, to walk, to quit.

The Blerch Slow Down Captain Speedy Pants

“Blerch” is the sound food makes when it is squeezed from a tube. “Blerch” is the shape of my tummy after a huge meal. If I am sedentary at a time when I have zero excuse for being sedentary, I call this “blerching.” The Blerch represents all forms of gluttony, apathy, and indifference that plague my life.

A wall is an obstinate, immovable object. You cannot silence it. You cannot outrun it and you cannot beat it. The Blerch, however, can be outrun. He can be silenced.

Not Now, Blerch I'm Going For A Run

I run because it’s the only way I know how to quiet the monster. I run because, deep down, I AM The Blerch.

He goes on to talk about how running has affected his life for the positive and you should really read the entire comic. It’s brilliant!


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  1. Dina Says:

    I don’t read that comic, but somehow I’ve seen that one and it’s GREAT — everyone should go take a look at it right now!

    My blerch likes to tell me that I should run tomorrow when I don’t feel as jiggly. Like WTH? Where does it come up with that stuff?

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