Lazy and Dead Sooner

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Lazy and Dead Sooner from Starling FitnessI absolutely adore Something Positive and I have been reading the online comic since the beginning so many years ago. Every day, Randy writes some pithy remark in the tiny signature line at the bottom of the comic. Today’s comic is no exception, but it made me think hard about things:

It reads,

Nothing like a lot of exercise to make you realize that you’d rather be lazy and dead sooner.

Is that really the choice I make every time I blow off my workout? Why can’t I ever remember that when I am tempted to just skip my exercise for the day?

Our health is the accumulation of every decision we’ve made from birth until now (not counting genetics, which may account for a VAST amount of our health). I need to remember that every time I choose to sit out my workout, I choose to be lazy and die sooner.


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