No Lunks: Whatever That Means…

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I love this commercial for Planet Fitness.

Here is the guy version:

I don’t know what “No Lunks” means, but I’m pretty damn familiar with gymtimidation. I really have never recovered from the Bosu Ball Incident. It seems crazy to me that I am still shellshocked from something that happened nearly ten YEARS ago! I just feel like I should just get over it already. I’ve been to other gyms and I’ve even been to other exercise classes, but I have never recovered that LOVE for a gym that was destroyed that day.

And that makes me so very sad…

I don’t think Planet Fitness is really my thing, though… This video shows the top 8.3 reasons to join them.

Here are their reasons:

  • Free food: Free pizza, bagels and Tootsie Rolls. REALLY?! What are they thinking?!
  • Lots of Exercise Equipment
  • The Staff
  • PF Express: 30 minute Workout
  • Free Unlimited Fitness Training
  • Lunk Alarm: An alarm that goes off if you drop the weights loudly or grunt. Here’s a video of it:

  • Black Card Membership: Bring a friend or use tanning and massage chairs for free.
  • Judgment Free Zone: Regular people, no Barbies and Kens, feel comfortable (but apparently it’s okay to judge juice heads, grunters and gym bunnies, that seems wrong somehow)
  • No Commitment Membership: $10 a month

Lunk is a trademarked term coined by Planet Fitness that refers to those ‘roided up gym rats who go around taking about their pump or burn. Or maybe it refers to those bimbos who dress up in cutesy matching gym clothes and wear makeup at the gym. I don’t like those people, but I don’t really think making them the subject of ridicule is the answer.

I don’t really know WHAT the answer is, actually, so maybe these guys are onto something.

I think proper gym etiquette is handled MUCH better with this little video:

Don’t be THAT guy at the gym helps people to know when they’re being irritating to others, but they forgot the Sweater, who is the person who sweats all over the equipment and doesn’t clean up after him/herself.

Easier just to workout at home, but only if I workout at home…


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