Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

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That ARThletic Girl posted a couple of images (one of which she drew herself) with the motto: Don’t let comparison steal your joy. This is what she said:

This has recently become my life motto. I find that comparing myself and my life to other people is dangerous for my self esteem. Sometimes it does me some good because it makes me appreciate what I am and what I have, but more often than not it leaves me feeling inadequate and a whole bunch of things I’m most probably not.

First, she posted this one, which is beautiful and simple.

Don't let comparison steal your joy from Starling Fitness

But this one really drives home the point.

Don't let comparison steal your joy from Starling Fitness

I have talked about this issue before on my personal blog:

Back then, I said:

Does it matter that I’m not the girl with the MOST cake? Nope. All that matters is that I bring it, every day. Time to put down the cake now.

That was back in 2006 and I really have STILL not recovered from that SXSW trip. I am STILL struggling with bingeing and I haven’t gotten back to the weight that I was on that trip. I am still trying to stuff my face with the most cake, when really what I want is…

What do I want?

Maybe that’s the problem…

For seven LONG years, I have been letting comparison steal my joy and stuffing cake down my gullet to compensate for it. I’m printing up that image and plastering it to EVERYTHING until I get over this.


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  1. Chris Chavez Says:

    Very strong quote and even stronger illustration. Before I saw the second picture, I got the image of someone looking in the direction of another with an envious look. I wasn’t too far off. This is something I have grown at getting better at. Sometimes comparison can be a saboteur of sorts. Thank you for sharing this!

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