Running Is My Partying

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I saw this motivational poster on Fitness, Health, and Confidence, but it wasn’t quite right for me.

Working Out Is My Partying from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Working out is my partying.

Protein shakes are my beer.

Preworkouts are my shots.

The pump is my buzz.

And the pain the next morning is my hangover.

I don’t drink protein shakes and I have no idea what preworkouts or the pump are, so it really didn’t speak to me. I’m a runner, and running is my partying, so I thought I would make one for me.

Running is my Partying from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Running is my partying.

Water is my beer.

Intervals are my shots.

Endorphins are my buzz.

Muscle pain is my hangover.

This really means more to me and I need to remember it every time I’m tempted to skip my workout.

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