Adam Levine Loves Lettuce

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I love this animated GIF that I found on Turning day-dreams, into reality.

Adam Levine Loves Lettuce from Starling Fitness

It makes me laugh to see Adam Levine attack a head of lettuce like a huge bunny or maybe a hamster. It reminds me of that Chris Traeger GIF:

Chris Traeger loves lettuce from Starling Fitness

I need to get some more fresh lettuce in my life. For the longest time, I’ve shied away from iceburg lettuce because my grandpa said that it was the least vitamin rich lettuce I could eat. I’ve chowed down on kale, watercress, and spinach in my salads, but honestly, iceburg TASTES the best.

Iceberg Lettuce Tastes The Best from Starling Fitness

If I have to eat a salad, shouldn’t I eat one that tastes buttery and crisp instead of bitter and floppy? I’m sure I would need a lot less dressing on an iceburg lettuce salad just because I wouldn’t need to hide the bitterness of Kale and spinach. The next time I am tempted to dutifully pile on bitter greens onto my salad, I’m going to remember that picture of Adam Levine chowing down on iceburg. If I have to eat a salad, I should ENJOY it.

Lettuce image via: The Cook’s Thesaurus


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