Pounds to Lose and Pounds Lost Motivators

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This image from I CAN DO IT is a perfect visual reminder of your goals.

Pounds To Lose and Pounds Lost

In particular, the bulletin board on the left that says, “Pounds to Lose” and “Pounds Lost” is such a good visual indicator of your goals that it would be hard to ignore. Just think how good you would feel when you got to move a little clothespin over to the lost section. Think how HORRIBLE you would feel if you had to move it back!

You could do this with a jar and pretty stones or glass beads like in this picture from My Sister’s Jar.

Pounds Lost and Pounds To Go Jars

You could use popsicle sticks with rewards like 365(ish) Days of Pinterest did.

Pounds Lost Popsicle Sticks

I’m imagining a bulletin board with push pins and rewards at the end of each five pounds. I think that might break it up nicely.

You have to do SOMETHING to motivate yourself with weight loss. If not, you’ll end up rewarding yourself with food and you don’t want that.

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