Junk Food Confessions from Jenna Marbles

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The always funny Jenna Marbles has decided that she needs to confess her junk food transgressions. BTW, she has a minor swearing problem, so don’t be surprised about the swear words that come out of her mouth. She’s still funny.

So many of the things she said were really funny, but she starts it all with this little zinger!

It’s just got to the point where my underwear is getting a little tight.

My Underwear Is Getting A Little Tight from Starling Fitness

Here are some of my favorites:

At one occasion, I would eat macaroni and cheese until I couldn’t feel feelings anymore.

I would even eat lying down, like I can’t even SIT UP to eat.

One time, I didn’t have any real food to eat, so I just ate a bag of croutons.

I eat so many Doritos Locos tacos, because once you eat the Doritos ones, you can’t go back to regular tacos. The shell is just so boring. I want that one covered in cheese. And then, of course, when the Cool Ranch ones came out, I had to eat those, because I needed to see what all the rage was about. It was about hating yourself.

Spring comes EVERY year, and yet EVERY year, it manages to surprise me by sneaking up on me and reminding me that I’m not ready to put on my bathing suits yet.

She hopes that by sharing her confessions that she will get a new slate and start eating healthy again and stop being so “squishy.” I wish her the best of luck!


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