The Quickest Low Carb Egg McMuffin

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Low Carb Egg McMuffin from Starling FitnessI have my McDonalds trained well. I can go through the drive-thru and order an Egg McMuffin without the muffin and they will give me an egg, ham and cheese wrapped up without the muffin. They don’t even blink when I order it anymore and they send me through the drive-thru pretty quickly.

I timed it once. From the time I stepped into the garage to the moment I got back home, I was able to get myself a Low Carb Egg McMuffin in only fifteen minutes. That was five minutes driving there. Five minutes driving back and less than five minutes in the line.

For fun, the other day, I threw together one egg, some ham and a slice of cheese. It was the same ingredients I get from McDonalds, but I had to cook them. I thought that it was a big pain in the butt until I timed it.

The Quickest Low Carb Egg McMuffin from Starling Fitness

How long does it take me to cook a Low Carb Egg McMuffin on my own? FOUR minutes.

FOUR MINUTES! I can’t even drive to McDonalds in that amount of time!

So many times, I think that getting “fast” food is easier, but it’s not. By the time I get into the car and drive over there, I could be EATING my homemade version. All I need to do is make sure I have the ingredients in the fridge and I am ahead of the game.

The next time you’re tempted to just grab some fast food, remember that it might just be quicker to make your own.

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