Camilla Luddington Loves Zombies, Run!

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Camilla Luddington was the model for the new Lara Croft game and she plays Dr. Jo Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy. She admitted to keeping thin by running with the ZOMBIES, RUN! app.

She said,

They’ll make it seem like zombies are chasing after you at the same time, so it’ll be like, ‘Zombies at 500 meters.’ And they’ll be like ‘Augh!” So it makes you run really fast! It works for me! It makes me feel chased!

I love the look on her face at that point.

Camilla Luddington Loves Zombies, Run! from Starling Fitness

I’ve never run at night with the app, so I apparently haven’t experienced the full terror that I could.

Actually, the other night, I rounded a corner and there was a guy with a dog and he was bending down and it was the middle of the night and I was listening to Zombies, Run! and I screamed in his face because he scared me so much rounding that corner!

I’ve talked about how much I love this game here:

Listen to the Zombies, Run! people talk about designing the game:

If you haven’t tried this game and you have an Android or iPhone, then it’s definitely worth the eight bucks to download this app. Using the Five Buck Workout Rule, you only need to exercise with it twice to make it pay for itself.

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