Nothing For Dessert

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A while back, Raining In Reverse posted a photo with this description:

my mom ordered nothing for dessert so they gave her a plate with “nothing” written in chocolate syrup on it

Nothing For Dessert from Starling FitnessShe has since removed that photo, but you can NEVER fully remove a photo from the Internet, so it’s around and I found it. In honor of her feelings, however, I have cropped her disappointed mother out of the photo.

I absolutely LOVE this photo. It’s sort of liberating. It’s perfectly okay to order NOTHING for dessert. The next time everyone else is ordering chocolate gooey decadence or carmel plastered fry bombs, remember Raining In Reverse’s mom and order NOTHING. It’s so much better in the long run for your body and peace of mind.

Via: Lay Beneath the Stars


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