Mental Will Is A Muscle

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This motivational poster from I CAN DO IT really made me feel better.

Mental Will Is A Muscle from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body.

I’ve always believed that if you craft a diet that has enough of the proper nutrients, you won’t be tempted to eat poorly. Unfortunately, I have NEVER found a diet that left me completely free from cravings or temptation. Low carb has made me feel like I’m not starving, even though I’m eating few calories, but I’m still tempted to eat things that aren’t healthy for me.

That’s where mental will comes in. Low carb brought me to the point where I’m not fighting my body’s hunger, but I have to fight my eating habits that I have developed over the years. Every time I stop myself from eating a carb-filled treat, it’s like a workout for my mind. Every time I avert my eyes in a store or at a restaurant, I’m building my mental muscles.

The same is true for exercise. The workout itself is building the muscles of my body, but the act of getting out of my bright blue comfy chair builds my mental will. Being disciplined enough to do a workout every single day doesn’t come naturally to anyone. It’s something that every athlete has to develop.

The next time you’re tempted to do something that you know will go against your plans, STOP yourself. Just take a moment to consider that this is your chance for you to build your will power muscles. Make the right decision and you will feel your abilities grow with each good choice.


Why Not Me Commercial from Nike

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Damn, Nike! Why u wanna make me cry?!!

Here’s the full transcript:

When I was growing up, girls just didn’t run in public.
No one on my all-boys team would pass to me.
Dad told me I couldn’t be a boxer. He said I was too small.
There was a guy who tried to spit on me and then push me out of his way.
There comes a point where you have to be sure of yourself.
People aren’t used to women being so passionate.
It scares them.
One day, I just said it doesn’t matter what other people think.
I’m a fashion model who can dunk. I’m a girl. That doesn’t mean I have to wear a skirt.
Doesn’t mean I can’t get all fired up.
They used to say that girl is crazy.
But then I just kept winning.
I didn’t set out to dominate. I just did.
Somebody’s got to be the best.
So why not me?
I’m 55 years old and I run close to 70 miles a week. ?I never felt like quitting. There’s something telling me to do it every single day.
Just want to play ball.

The more Nike does commercials like this, the more I love them. Why can’t they show just as much respect to people who are overweight as to women and minorities?


I Am Runner Five

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After writing yesterday’s entry about Zombies, Run! I found this fan art from phantoms-siren on deviantART.

Runner 5 by phantoms-siren on deviantART

She says:

I’m a huge fan of the iPhone app ‘Zombies, Run!’ As a chronic pain and fatigue sufferer anything that can make exercise bearable is wonderful, and this game actually makes me want to go out and, if not run, then walk really fast. I know that Runner 5 isn’t necessarily female, since anyone playing is Runner 5, but this is what I ended up with.

It seems the app is helpful to a huge group of people. Just ask RoOkin.

I Am Runner 5 by RoOkin

He has lost 2 stone (that’s 28 pounds to us Yanks) for his upcoming wedding and Zombies, Run! has helped him. So much so, that he bought the t-shirt.

At DragonCon last year, this cute girl dressed up as Runner 5.

Runner 5 at DragonCon 2012

I loved all this fan art so much I made a little of my own.

I Am Runner 5 from Starling Fitness

It reads:

I am Runner 5.

I will distract the zombies.

I will pick up supplies.

I will save the world!

Original photo via: Runner by Aarni Heiskanen on Flickr

Oh, and this has NOTHING to do with Zombies, Run!, but I love it anyway.

Zombies, Run!

Via: work sweat achieve

Here is where you can download the app:


Zombies, Run! 2 Is Coming This Spring

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I’ve been running with an app on my iPhone called Zombies, Run! It’s a compelling story about Abel Township and their desperate survival despite the swarms of zombies. It really has made my exercise more intense and, paradoxically, easier to finish.

I’ve talked about Zombies, Run! before:

The whole premise is that I am Runner 5 and it’s my job to leave the safety of the bunker to get supplies, distract zombies and ultimately find out the truth behind the strange occurrences in Abel Township. It has made my running much more intense.

Run like zombies are chasing you from Starling Fitness

Original photo via: Zombie Walk 2012 by Grmisiti on Flickr

I run like zombies are chasing me because in my headphones, they are. If you’d like a description of what it’s like, here is a fan-made film by Mars Rising.

I just found out that they are working on Zombies, Run! 2 and it should be released in the spring, so you have a bit of time to download the original and get caught up before the 60 new missions are ready.

I like that I can run outside or inside on the treadmill. I can’t have zombie chases when I’m on the treadmill, but that doesn’t bother me. The noises of the zombies on the audio tracks is enough to keep me running. Additionally, I’ve also been able to use this app while I’m on the exercise bike. I put it in accelerometer mode and put it in my pocket and it works pretty well while I’m pedaling away on the bike. That helps ALOT when it’s particularly cold or miserable outside.

Here is where you can download the app:

Here’s a teaser video for the new update:

They have been talking about it on the Zombies, Run! Blog:

If your running, walking or biking has felt boring lately, download this app. It is a little pricey, but it is WELL worth the money. Enjoy your runs and get away from the zombies!


Run Your Self Doubt into the Ground

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This image from work sweat achieve is something I want to believe.

Run Your Self Doubt Into The Ground from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Run your self doubt into the ground.

I’ve always been plagued by low self esteem and self doubt. It gives me hope that if I run long and hard enough that they will both be trampled into the ground. Could I somehow pound my self loathing into a pulp while running? I think I might actually might be able to do that. When I was running regularly, I felt much better about myself than I do now. I still hated myself, but I felt better. For all I know, I was one run away from finally crushing my self doubt into nothingness if I hadn’t quit.

Why should I exercise every day? Because it gets me one day closer to conquering self loathing for good.


Exercise Is Awesome

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I found this animated GIF on work sweat achieve and it reminded me that exercise is awesome.

Exercise Is Awesome from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Exercise relaxes the mind.

Exercise strengthens the body.

Exercise toughens the spirit.

Whenever I focus on exercise to stave off stress or depression, I am much more consistent than when I’m exercising to lose weight. If the scale stops moving, I get unmotivated to exercise when I’m concentrating on losing weight. When I decide to exercise every day in order to keep my mind healthy, I end up motivated far longer.

The next time you think you’re going to skip your workout, remember this little GIF and tell yourself to do it for your mental health instead of to lose weight. It’s a great way to trick yourself into working out, even when you are feeling unmotivated.


Defy The Law. You Are Weightless.

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This motivational poster from I CAN DO IT really made me happy.

Defy the law. You are weightless. From Starling Fitness

It reads:

Defy the law.

You are weightless.

Sometimes when I’m running, my legs feel like tree trunks being forced to move against their will. Other days, I feel exactly like this picture.

You never know before the workout which way you’re going to feel. Get out there and exercise because it just might be one of those days when you can defy the law and be weightless.


Sweat Is Liquid Awesome

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I love this tank top I found on work sweat achieve.

Sweat Is Liquid Awesome from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Sweat, it’s liquid awesome

If I had made that t-shirt, I would have just said,

Sweat Is Liquid Awesome

Either way, it’s true!

I found another t-shirt on Amazon.com that looks pretty cool.

SWEAT IS FAT CRYING, Women's Bamboo Performance T-Shirt by ALO at Amazon.com

It reads:

Sweat Is Fat Crying

Next time I’m feeling gross and sweaty from a workout, I need to repeat these two phrases over and over like a mantra. It just may make my workout feel easier.


There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

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This motivational poster made me chuckle to myself.

There's no such thing as bad weather from Starling Fitness

It reads:

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.

-Bill Bowerman

I found it funny that the photo for “bad weather” shows a bit of water on the ground with a few drops of rain. The bad weather in Salt Lake City right now is freezing temperatures, icy sidewalks and an inversion so thick that they have been recommending people carpool, take public transit and stay home just to limit the pollution in the air.

Now THAT is bad weather.

Yet, it’s still not an excuse. When there is a mall to walk (or run) around, there are no icy sidewalks to worry about. When there is a community fitness center, there are no freezing winds ripping into my cheeks. When there are stairs in my home, there is no inversion to clog my lungs.

Don’t believe those excuses that pop into your head. Find a way to get your workout in and you will be one of the inspirational ones. You’ll be one of the strong ones that the soft people look up to.

Motivational poster via: Healthy Is Classy


Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

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I saw this motivational poster on Healthy Is Classy the other day and I really liked it.

Success Doesn't Happen Overnight from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back.

-Erin Andrews

I realize that healthy weight loss should be slow and consistent to keep my body (and my mind) from going into starvation mode. Yet, at the same time, I want to be at my goal weight YESTERDAY. Not just now, yesterday. Part of that is the keeping the “eye on the prize” concept. Thinking about being at goal weight makes me want to be there NOW.

Additionally, I’ve been looking back far too much lately. I’ve been trying to remember what has worked best for me, but if it had really worked, I wouldn’t be where I am now. If Weight Watchers had really been a “lifestyle change” like they advertised, then I would have been at my goal weight a long time ago and still be there. Instead, I floundered and struggled until I started eating low carb on my own.

In the end, I need to create a eating and exercise plan that works for ME and stick to it, no matter what the naysayers say.

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