You Can Be A Dance God Like Riffraff67

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When I started watching this video, I thought Riffraff67 was a cute little guy and I was going to enjoy watching him play Dance Central 2. It was a song I haven’t played yet, so I was just interested is seeing how the moves went, but I found myself entranced by Riffraff67’s dancing!

While I was watching this video, everything I had thought about this guy at the beginning evaporated like water spilled on a hot stove. I thought he was cute and kinda cuddly before the video started, but afterward, I thought he was a DANCE GOD!

The next time you feel like you’re not in good enough shape to do something, remember Riffraff67’s dancing. With enough practice, it doesn’t matter what your body looks like. All that matters is how good you can do what you are doing. Whatever it is that you like to do, get out there and practice! Practice! Practice until you can do it with such grace and skill that no one can argue with how awesome you are.


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