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Nike+ Kinect Training at Amazon.comBack in 2004, when I fell in love with Yourself! Fitness, I dreamed of a game that could tell if I was doing the moves right or not. With Nike+ Kinect, it looks like that dream has finally come true.

I haven’t tried this game yet, but there are lots of videos on YouTube, showing how the game plays and what it does. I’m excited about it and I can’t wait until my copy comes in the mail!

Here is the E3 Trailer for the game:

Here is a quick video showing a five minute drill.

I love the moving obstacles in Split Decision. It reminds me of a Japanese game show called Human Tetris.

You can see full-blown workouts on YouTube. This guys shows everything, so if you want to try to workout with it, you can.

It looks like a good workout game with lots to do. Some people complained that they had to have LOTS more room than they usually have for Kinect games, so that worries me a little.

In nine short years, exergaming has gone from Maya telling me what to do and never knowing if I was following along or not to a game system that can see my every move and log each rep and whether I did it correctly. It’s one of those rare times when I am pleasantly surprised at how much technology has advanced!


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