Reflections on Mirrors from CrossFit 204

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This blog post from CrossFit204 is brilliant.

CrossFit 204: There are no mirrors in our gym

It starts out:

There are no mirrors in our gym because we don’t care what you look like.

In fact, we don’t care how old you are, or whether you’re male or female. We don’t care what colour your skin is either. Or if you’re overweight or loaded with muscle. Or if you’re tall or short. Or blond. Or brunette.

We treat everyone like an athlete, and there’s no profiling here.

It goes on to be an inspirational call to give your workout the best you can and ends with:

We’re actually putting mirrors in the bathrooms very soon. But they’re not there for you to evaluate your appearance.

They’re there so you can look yourself in the eye and ask one important question:

Did you give your very best effort in the workout?

CrossFit 204 Appearance doesn't matter. Effort does. from Starling Fitness

If you live in Winnipeg, you can join CrossFit 204 and actually work out in that mythical gym without mirrors. If not, click on over to the CrossFit 204 blog and read the entire post. It’s truly inspirational.


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